Attachment cover image in set gallery view not working on android


In the desktop client, we can use image attachments as gallery view covers. However, this feature does not exist on the android client which results in missing cover image.


  1. Create a new type
  2. Add “Attachments” relation to the type
  3. Create a set of the type
  4. Add a gallery view to the set
  5. Toggle “Attachments” relations
  6. Use attachments as cover images
  7. Create a new object with image attachments
  8. Observe how the cover does not display on the mobile client


Cover images should display regardless of the platform.


  • OS: Arch Linux
  • Device: Lenovo Slim5-14ITL
  • Anytype Version: 0.31.0

Hey @developomp, I couldn’t reproduce your issue on AT v. 0.36.0 in win 11. Could you check if this is still happening for you? If that’s the case I’ll try with arch too.

Are you positive that cover image displays correctly on mobile clients? I am using the latest android version (0.26.28) but it still isn’t working.

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Yes it seems to work for me and I’m on android, same AT version. I did have to re-create my view once though so maybe you can try with that (at first I got “view unsupported” message).

I currently do not have access to a computer so I will give you an update in the next couple of weeks.

Attachments as cover image on android is still failing on:

  • android       (bug) - 0.26.29 (Build number 2629)
  • desktop (no bug) - 0.36.0

I have verified that:

  • the images are loaded and saved locally on both devices
  • both devices are fully synced with each other
  • recreating the view, type, or set does not fix the issue
  • gallery layout settings such as card size does not affect the bug

One notable thing is that the option to set attachment image as cover image does not even show up on android and I’m not sure if this is a me problem.

Okay yes, I misunderstood the bug before. I can replicate it on the same versions. I’ll take action to submit this to the devs.

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