Assign caption and comments to bookmarks and embeds


Ability to add caption and comment to every bookmark and embeb.


Caption would be displayed under bookmark/embed and if we moved e.g. bookmark somewhere else caption and comments would be still part of this object.

Comments will be useful when you add ability to cooperate with other people.


I’m using captions frequently in Notion to describe what is interesting in specific bookmark or video or longer document etc. It’s also good place to add context why it is revelant to me/my stuff.

Comments are useful for cooperation.


Adding text under object but then it’s not related to each other.


I think Notion have quite good implementation of it. I added quite a lot of captions to many objects in many places so now I’m still sticking with Notion and can’t migrate to AnyType.
If anyone have other examples of good implementation for than please add them to this thread.


I’m not sure I like that in this case when comment is provided caption became highlighted like that.

I think it also would be good to have captions/notes for any uploaded file like image, music, pdf etc.

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I would love to see captions as relations that you can enable/disable anytime, so the caption stays with the object wherever it is.

Use cases: description, credits, references, social media accounts (links as captions), source media, artwork info, etc.

Right now, I use text blocks, and the lack of nesting within an image block means I have to drag the ‘caption’ separately whenever I reposition my image.

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Just came here to request the same feature.

I am a devoted Anytype user for my personal life & PhD research since the alpha program (after using Notion for 1 year prior), but recently started working with a small team again. We’re hoping to found a startup so I had to switch back to Notion to organize that for us in a collaborative way. I remembered just how much I really appreciate and rely on captions to get my points across to others.

I’m not a developer so I don’t know the nuts and bolts of doing this (relation? metadata?), but as Anytype moves to collaborative ability too, I think captions will become essential. Particularly for embedded links, images, and files.

For bookmarks, relations would do, I think?
You can a a caption and a comments relations on the bookmark object.

For files (including image), same thing… when the anytype team has completed the evolution of the files (they’re intended to become real objects, with editable relations)
(posted by @Charlotte in the Github planning, planned for 2024Q1)

For link (embed or not), I haven’t seen anything about this, perhaps you could make a request?

And I think we need more option to configure the display, for bookmarks and for card preview (for all others objects), by adding the possibility of displaying the relations of our choice.

For preview :

For bookmark, @Razor said here that they were considering adding the same Appearance option to all blocks, I don’t know what’s going on :

And indeed, a boorkmark could just be a preview card, once they’ve been improved :star_struck: