Asking to clarify some things about the storage, syncing, and backup

I am new here, still figuring out basic things.

As far as I can understand, there is a backup online storage with 1GB of space. Suppose I will reach that limit and can’t use it. Is my only option syncing within a local network? This sounds pretty inflexible and unsafe to be honest. Does it imply that if I ever break the chain of connecting the same devices to the same network, I will lose all my data? Is there a way to just put my Anytype space on a USB drive and transfer it to another computer manually, without having to find a suitable local network to put them both on? Or host it on a different cloud storage like Google Drive?

Seems to me that you can export your whole space in anytype format and imported in another anytype instance. Just go to file> export>anytype.
Hope that helps.

Space settings → Export space → Any-block → Same settings as below:

For restoring, Space settings → Import space

Currently, the app doesn’t support local sync, it has to be connected to the online backup node (Anytype server)

Self hosting of backup node is also possible: Document

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