Are the pages nested within one another, or are you creating a link?

I have page A.

In page A I had a link to an existing page B.

Then I moved page B inside page A.

At this point, on page A, I cannot discern the link to page B from the actual page B.

Are they the same link, just created in two different ways?


Id guess yes, but I dont know

When you type /page and create a new page, are the pages nested within one another or are you creating a link to a new object ?

I had the same question (trying to see how the object model is similar/different to Notion), and did some experiments. You can’t easily duplicate an object like you can in Notion, but you can create a “nested” page in a page, and then copy that block, and those both end up pointing to the same thing. Also, using the “Move” function it’s possible to move a page inside itself.

So from this I’d conclude that subpages are effectively links and not owned child objects (as they would be in Notion).


@trellick Came to the same conclusion, also you can have pages that have no link and can only be found through search

Exactly! We have no nesting in terms of pages / objects.

All Anytype structure based on linking between objects, and those links are directional, so you know that page A links to → page B.

This is how your Anytype structure can look like. Image from GraphQL book