Archive page disappears from the home screen when returning from page

Describe the bug

Archive page seems to disappear at times when I return to home screen. This seems to happen when I enter nested pages and go back a few times to reach the home screen.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Go to page
    1. Go to linked page inside the page you’re in
    1. Go back 2 times to reach the home screen
    1. See that the archive page desappeared

Expected behavior

It should stay where it is and not disappear.

Mobile (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Android 11
  • Device: Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
  • Version: 0.1.14

Additional Context

@lynxlove experienced the same bug. Confirmed in the Telegram group.

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@danijelcamdzic is this still reproducible on Anytype for Android 0.6.1? I think the archive page you are referring to has been replaced by the bin tab (or the history tab?).
Edit: marking as solved as the “Archive” option is now “delete” or “move to bin”