App updater sees v0.37.3 as a higher version to v0.37.10 alpha

What’s The Bug?

While using v0.37.10 alpha (from gitbhub) and “Version” set to pre-release, the app popped up with a message saying that there’s a new update, I clicked update.
Then it updated (backward) to v0.37.3

NOTE: I use the alpha version in .appimage format, after that update, the .appimage file got replaced with v0.37.7 .appimage although no download process took place.

How To Reproduce It

  1. Use v0.37.10 alpha from github
  2. Check for updates
  3. Update
  4. You’re back to version v.37.3

The Expected Behavior

To update in a forward manner not a backward one.




Ubuntu 22.04

Anytype Version

0.37.10 alpha → 0.37.7

Technical Information

App version: 0.37.10-alpha
Build number: build on 2024-01-16 17:47:56 +0000 UTC at #a413ae16eacd38493fcf8bc1223856654c1aacce
Library version: v0.30.6
Account ID: A9W1MQnUu5FMrurXu7tmSCvGZr2D9rY3VjXm8P7UygE5jL5Y
Analytics ID: 795dc6cd-0ea6-46f7-8484-ef8d472de1c2
Device ID: 12D3KooWFUWH2cfHd9e6qNdWwhtkq99W4NgTsyEHyt8skusH9XcT

me too.

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If I remember correctly, this was reported before already, and the reason it happens is because your version is set to pre-release and the 0.37.3 is the latest one so it reverts you back to that. Same thing happens if you use pre-release and change to release version.

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Yep, that’s exactly how it should work but instead I have the pre-release version installed (alpha) and set the version to pre-release.

Still it updates to a “release” version not a “pre-release” one.

Alpha is not pre-release (there’s alpha, pre-release and release), although I agree that it should try not to update to an older version somehow.

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Alpha updates are delivered on a different Version channel than the Pre-Release (beta), as they are for team testing purposes, so regular users can’t see that channel in the app. That’s why there is a conflict on your instance.

Even though the Alpha downloads are visible on gitub, our devs really discourage people from using them, therefore it’s an “at your own risk” endeavor.

In fact it was suggested that we add a label like “Do Not Download Alpha”, but hey it’s a free world.

That said, the latest Alpha update 0.37.14 should automatically change your version channel to Alpha, which would no longer prompt an update for the pre-release version.


The latest should not, I’ve just made a fix, next one would.


So if I’m getting this right, there are 3 different releases:

  1. Stable one which is at v0.37.3 right now
  2. Alpha which is at v0.37.10
  3. Beta which is at v0.37.12

For the first one, the app shows “Release”
For the other two, the app shows “Pre-release”

So, what’s the difference between the 2nd and 3rd ones if they’re both Pre-release?

And which version counts as Nightly?

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Beta version counts as nightly, the reason why the alpha version shows as pre-release as there is no option for alpha version without special flag, and this is why it tries to update to other channels as it simply does not check the corresponding channel. I have made a fix which adds alpha channel if you are already using alpha version.


Thank you, that cleared things up.

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