App does not start on MIUI 12

Phone: Xiaomi 11T Pro
OS: MIUI 12.5 / Android 11
Downloaded from Discord v0.4.0

App doesn’t start. Black screen for a couple of seconds and then exit wihout seeing anything more, no splash or gui or error message. New phone and first install of the app. Works on old phone with vanilla Android. I have given all permissions to the app, tried clearing data/cache, reinstall etc. Is this a known issue? Anyway to get logs or something to help tracking down the issue?

Can you please try the latest version and check if that fixed your issue? The latest version as of now is 0.4.4

It’s not available on Discord. Where do I find download links? Can’t get that Firebase download to work, so would be great if Discord always had latest version.

It should be available in Firebase. If not, you can get the app from the Telegram Android Alpha testers group for which you can find the link in the onboarding email. They’d update the apk on discord soon I guess

Just confirming that this issue still exists as of 0.4.4

@tvarsis Can you please check if the issue exists in v0.6.1 as well or you can use the app normally?

It works fine now. Thanks!

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