Api to sync both way with existing text/programming editor

Hi there,

I use a lot Emacs with org-mode and org-roam.

I found the concept behind anytype really powerfull, especially the possiblity to link everything by everything using relations, IPFS for decentralized access.

But … i love my text editor, and like others this is the place where lot of developpers / writers like me spend 90% of their time.

So i’m heavily interested by an api that :

  • will permits querying and retrieve information located in the anytype graph (using something like graphql ?)
  • will permits two-way sync for this data. If i change something on anytype or in my text editor, everything is synced in both way.

Exemple / Use case :

I’m using org-mode / org-roam into emacs to store most of my notes/todo. My notes are heavily linked in a Zettelkasten way. I have a set of notes dedicated to Books, backlinked to my different notes. Actually, i cannot share my book without publishing it on the web with all my notes. And this is a read only process, because my friend cannot participate and add comment on my books.

One way to do that was to push this books notes into anytype, sharing with others.

Locally i don’t lost the links of books notes with my others existing notes, and i have the possibility to collaborate on this list with my friend by two-way syncing this books notes with my friend on anytype.

For exemple, my wife doesn’t use emacs or dev/text editor. She use only anytype.

So here we have the possibility to align and sync two graph of knowledge. One local, linked to my os and my existing knowledge manadgment (Emacs + linux ) and one shared with the rest of the world, using anytype which is system agnostic.

I crosspost this on org roam discourse, because i think an API linking best of the two world could be great : Package dedicated to workflows publishing digital garden on web - Development - Org-roam


I think this will be extremely powerful, but way beyond just as an integration with Emacs.

AFAIU, currently, the only way to feed information into Anytype is to enter it manually. But an API for two-way sync means that it suddenly becomes possible to write importers – which means your Anytype database could potentially become an integration point for all your data. Likewise, an exporter (piggybacking on an importer) would allow you shuttle structured data out, process it as desired, and shuttle it back in. This would be much more powerful than just (eventually?) enabling some programmability within Anytype.

In this model, ultimately, the Anytype app just happens to be a collection of convenient viewing/editing interfaces for the (graph) database of all my personal data, but only the simplest one.

I can’t speak for the Anytype team, but I hope something like this is part of the vision :slight_smile: