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Tell me how to solve the problem :neutral_face:: when I installed the old version of Anytype, I had an application shortcut on the desktop. Now I have upgraded to Version: 0.32.3, and deleted the old version of the application through “Installed applications”. Now the app shortcut is gone. When reinstalling the application, nothing appears. The only option to launch Anytype at the moment is to launch .exe, installer and open applications.

I’m guessing this is on Windows? You can just create your own shortcut then by right-clicking the .exe file and selecting create shortcut or something like that. Then move the shorcut to the desktop afterwards.

In fact, nothing changes. It will work as an installer. And I need it to be like before. So that it is installed in the system as an application and a quick launch shortcut is created.
Yes, this problem is on Windows 11.

I’m afraid I’m not 100% sure I understand what you are saying.

Do you mind also explaining what exactly do you mean by launch .exe (which .exe exactly?), installer (which installer and how exactly does this launch Anytype), and open applications (I’m not really sure what this one means at all).
Some screenshots would be really helpful.

If you’ve re-installed Anytype and a desktop shortcut is not being created, you can create one yourself by locating the Anytype installation folder on Windows, and creating a new shortcut from the Anytype.exe file there.

That’s how it’s happening now. The “Installation” opens and then the application itself opens. It does not offer me to choose a disk and a folder where to install the application.

Anytype doesn’t currently let you choose where to install it. It’s always going to be installed in the same place.

Tell me, which folder exactly? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I’m not on Windows, so I’m not sure. I’ll try and look around.

edit: Seems to be in

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I found a folder along this path, but the necessary files were not found.