AnyType Search needs ordering of results

Today I created a text block that has the same word as the title of one of my pages. Now when I search for that page using the search at the top of the app, it comes up after the page that contains the word in regular text. I feel like the search should always show pages first, and always show the results closest to what the user is typing first. Not sure if this is already implemented and i’m experiencing a bug but I can see this becoming a major problem for keyboard navigation with databases coming soon.


@DreamweaveVisuals Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future

To add something to the order of the results.
I would like to show objects before types.
I have a object with the exact same name as a type and the Type shows up before the object.

Or maybe implement a setting to customize the order.


Moved to feature requests. @DreamweaveVisuals feel free to comment if you think this fits better in the Bug Report category :slight_smile: