Anytype reset to original when i restart the computer


ᅟI have restarted my computer then opened Anytype to find that my setup has disappeared and only the objects that where there when I installed the app can still be opened, some pages i made were still there but I wasn’t able to open them. I restarted my computer again but the problem was still there. I was sure that it said synced on top before restarting the computer the first time.


I actually have no idea why or how this happened, so I don’t know how to reproduce this

  1. restart computer
  2. open anytype


Any objects you added will disappear and you cant access them through the recent tap, and any that stayed wont really open (I’ve added a capture to see what happens)


  • OS:
    Windows 11
  • Device:
    HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14dh1xxx
  • Anytype Version:

Hey @Fatima_kitty that sounds like a serious issue! Did you happen to notice whether the sync status was “Synced” for some, most, or all Objects? It should still not happen that content is lost if there is no data synced due to its local-first strategy.

I’m sure it said “Synced” for the objects i was working on (which where the ones that disappeared completely ) so I would say most of them had “synced” status

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@Fatima_kitty thanks for the confirmation! Could you collect your logs?


Please copy both your Object diagnostics and Tree diagnostics to a separate folder. I’m checking with the devs what is actually useful for them, but them we at least have a copy of those logs.

I only got tree diagnostics because when I pressed on Object Diagnostics nothing seems to happen.

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I can’t see the tree diagnostic, only video in the link above. Can you provide tree diagnostic please?

It should be in a folder above it, but here is the direct link: Tree Diagnostics – Google Drive

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Maybe your lost notes in the bin now?
Had you have anytype on another device?
Disappearing pages seems related

No response from OP, moved to Bug Cemetary.