Anytype organizing challenge! How would you organize contacts and homes/offices?

Alright, I’m trying to figure out how to organize myself and would love to see if the community can help.

I am building a contact book with the names, contact info, personal information, and notes of people in my life. This information often includes information about their home or office (wifi password, physical address, notes on how to get in, etc). HOWEVER, often this home/office information is relevant to more than one person: when a few friends live together, or when it’s the house of several relatives, etc.

I am looking for a way to have that home/office information just once and be linked to all the relevant people, so when a home’s wifi password changes it only needs to be edited once and it changes for all relevant people.

Who can help me come up with the best system? :smiley:

Here’s one way.

Create a Type WiFi Password - just a simple Page. You could put the password in the Description or create a new relation Password

For each password you need, create an Object of that type with the actual password in the Description/Password relation from above, Name the Object version of "Password for these people/this property)

In your Human object for each person, add the relevant Password object as a relation

If you change the info in the Password object, it’ll change for all people who have that relation.

Make sense?

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For the Password Type, the password or address can be the name/title of the object itself. So you can just mention it or select it as a relation (object type).

Another option is to make the password tags. I’d personally go this route to avoid adding more objects/links to my Graph, but it might not work for addresses because of longer texts.