Anytype on Android usage

What is the main reason why don’t you use Anytype on a daily basis on Android?


For me it’s the good old sync issue. Basically, I’d have to copy paste everything from Windows to Android if I want to have the same info on both. Of course, I don’t do that.


The big one for me is being able to quickly create a note. I wrote about this in my [post in the Android UI/UX section](Quick Add/Inbox feature). Thanks for the reply there! I can see my mobile Anytype usage going up after this :smiley:

On a more general note, while working from home, I attend meetings at my desk with my computer rather than a meeting room, so overall I’m taking less mobile/tablet notes than I usually would anyway. From that point of view, it’s not an issue with Anytype on Android, it’s more how we’re all working at the moment :slight_smile:


I think there are two main reasons for me. The first is nothing to do with Anytype: I go out less than I used to due to the Coronavirus pandemic! :neutral_face:

The second, though, is that my main interest in using Anytype is in the database functionality (same is true for Notion for me). So until DBs are available I don’t have daily practical use for it. I use it on desktop and Android primarily for testing and comparison purposes.

That said, I too would like some attention toward the needs of “quick capture”. I currently use Google Keep for stuff like that, but if Anytype could take the place of it, that would be a great improvement to my workflow, especially since I hope long-term to be able to use Antype for everything (once DBs are available, etc.)


I have to agree with @Oshyan due to the quarantine I’m on my pc all day so there is no need for me to use my phone. If I was on the move all day it would be different since I used to takes notes on an Android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard. Right now i’m using anytype to take classes notes and study. Once databases come I think I would use it a lot more.