Anytype "Nightly Ops" Enrollment & FAQ

Hi all! :wave:

**All spots for the Nightly Ops program are filled. We’ll update this post when spots open up. **

We’ve got an interesting message for you from the Anytype Desktop dev team! :sunglasses:

"We want to start working closer with the community and therefore think that it would be great to begin rolling out Nightly Versions (release candidates) of the desktop app on a regular basis, like every week or two. On the one hand it will help us to ship a more stable release with fewer bugs (because Razor will fix bugs on the go) and on the other hand, the Nightly Types testers group will have the opportunity to try new features one or two weeks before they are released to the rest of the community.

The same plan is there for mobile apps, but later."

Therefore, we are looking for active alpha users who feel comfortable testing less stable versions (not for “production” use!) and are willing to pro-actively test and write bug reports. To manage the amount of feedback on these (less stable) Nightly Versions, we will only make them available to a select group of pro-active alpha users from the community.

If you are interested in joining the Nightly Ops testers group, please send a DM to me (@sambouwer) or @Angelo and we will reach out to you to get you started. In the case there are many applicants, we might need to be selective to manage the amount of feedback coming in. The only thing we need from your side to enroll you is your AnytypeID so we can enroll you in the right release channel and an email address to join the Anytype Nightly Ops Slack channel.



FAQ for Nighty Types

To be completely honest, these questions are not actually asked frequently, but we expected they might be soon, so we wrote down some answers for you :slight_smile:

Q: Another topic was recently created with an announcement regarding the "Anytype Testers Group". Is this the same group?

A: No! This is a different group :slight_smile: The “Anytype Testers Group” is geared towards research via interviews with alpha users for ideating on new features. The “Nightly Ops” testers group is geared towards a group of alpha users that tests release candidates prior to the release to the rest of the alpha users to get rid of the most important bugs.

Q: How often can I expect a Nightly Version for testing as Nightly Type?

A: Initially, versions will rollout mostly on a weekly basis. However, because improvements are made on the fly, new builds can appear at irregular (and frequent) intervals, ie “Nightly”.

Q: How (un)stable will Nightly Versions be? Will I lose my data?

A: RC’s will be less stable than current releases, and yes, those might break your Anytype account. This is not for the faint-hearted!
If you prefer, you can get a new invite code to set up a separate account, but as you cannot install two different Anytype versions next to each other (yet) it will be quite a hassle to keep switching context.

Q: What is expected from you as a Nightly Type?
  • Time for testing and feedback in the days but at most one week after the Nightly Version is made available to allow the team to process your bug reports
  • You know how to file a bug report (which category, how to choose tags, what kind of information is useful, how to provide logs/diagnostics)
  • (potentially) a (free) Slack account for communication with the devs (under discussion)
  • A (free) GitHub account (not hard requirement) to access the bug tracker
Q: Where should I provide my feedback?

A: There is a “hidden” category for Nightly Ops (and mods) to avoid mixing up feedback for Nightly versions and regular releases.

Q: Ok, but what's in it for me?
  • You will be among the first (ok, second if you count the dev) to receive the latest and greatest Anytype builds with new features and bug fixes.
  • You can collaborate in close contact with the devs for follow-up on your bug reports.
Q: Can I leave the program or will I be a Nightly Type forever?

A: You can leave the program at any time and return to the regular releases, and rejoin later if there are spots available, but for the continuity and follow-up of the feedback we kindly ask you to commit to testing and the follow-ups from the devs.

Q: My question is not listed! What do I do now?

A: Please post your question below or DM me and I’ll try to get you an answer.


Are we supposed to provide the feedback here on the forum as well and will there be a special tag for the Nightly releases?


Great question! I will address this in the FAQ in 3…2…1…

Edit: Added as a new question in the FAQ! :slight_smile:


When will the first build come out?

Devs want to rollout the first build this week!

With that said, any of you @NightlyType interested to test the mobile version?


Guys, need to append requirements for bleeding edge testers in the OP.
We want focused and close communication with our most interested users to make the process more beneficial for Anytype development.
Unfortunately it is impossible to achieve via chatting on forum. We need some tool for online communication. Our developers are using slack, so there are some prerequisites:

We expect you to have:

  • Slack account. It is absolutely free, you will be added to the special alpha slack chat)
  • Github account. It is also absolutely free. Not particularly required, but we are trying to make useful ticket system for tracking bugs, and it will be much more useful when we open source stuff. It would be nice of you, but you also can file a bug on the forum, it will be translated to the github.
    Issues · anytypeio/community-board · GitHub
  • Time for reporting bugs

Thanks for appending.

I think @Angelo is looking into a bridge between Slack and Discourse chat.

Makes sense, I’ll add this to the FAQ later today.

Edit: @fat_fellow Done!

:+1: already in the FAQ


I’m interested in both! Are there any differences in requirements between the desktop and mobile versions?

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For Desktop you need a desktop, for mobile a mobile device!

OK all jokes aside, it’s a valid question, and I hope @Angelo or one of the devs can provide an answer :slight_smile:


Yeah I am interested to try out both android and desktop and report bugs. have created slack account and already have GitHub account


We will need everyone’s email addresses as well to invite them to the guest channel in Slack.

@Angelo Our slack email addresses?

Also, can you confirm that there will be a bridge between Slack and Discourse?

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Any email addresses, you will receive invite to this email

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Sure! I’m in for testing desktop + mobile.
Can use Windows PC + Android phone + iPad to test releases.

I’m in! I can test on both Mac and Windows, and iPhone should mobile testing be necessary

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Check your DM :slight_smile:

If this is going to be more unstable than normal, I recommend that the account used for nightly version testing not be anyone’s main Anytype account, just in case a bug results in catastrophic deletion.

I’m not sure I’m ready for the time commitment while I’m focusing on job applications, but this sounds like a great program!