"Anytype" menu displays outside of the window when maximized

Describe the bug

The “Anytype” drop-down menu on the menubar does not display within the application window when clicked on if the application is maximized on Linux with a second display configured to the left of the display Anytype is maximized on, it instead displays to the left of the application Window (thus on the second display), although it does display correctly (within the application window) if the application is not maximized.

All other drop-down menus on the menubar (File, Edit, Window, Help) display correctly regardless of whether the application is maximized or not.

To Reproduce

    1. Configure a second display to be positioned to the left of the display you will have Anytype maximized on.
    1. Maximize the Anytype application window.
    1. Click on “Anytype” in the menubar.
    1. See the Anytype drop-down menu display to the left of the applications window (thus off-screen on the display that Anytype is maximized on, spilled over onto the display to the left.)

Expected behavior

The Anytype drop-down menu be displayed underneath “Anytype” when clicked on, within the confines of application window.

System Information:

  • OS: Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed)
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: PC
  • Anytype Version: 0.20.9
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@Aurareus HI! As I understood this problem appears when you work with a second monitor, right? I checked this behaviour on my Linux machine, and the drop-down menu works well.

@Kirill_Lem Ah! Yes you are right, I’ll edit the OP.

The issue disappears when I disable my second monitor.

Additionally the issue only appears if my second monitor is configured to be positioned to the left of my main display (the one Anytype is maximized on).

Could a moderator edit the thread title to reflect the additional information?

I’ll try it on Windows later today with a second monitor positioned the same way and confirm whether the issue is also present on Windows.

@Aurareus have you checked this behaviour on Windows?

I faced the same issue in Postman which is also an electron app in my work laptop which runs on Windows 11. The secondary monitor is configured to be left of my main display as well. The first button in the Postman app is File and it has this issue, other menus are displaying within the Application window. So I did some digging and found the following issue in the Electron Repo. It says it got fixed with Electron 13. Might be worth checking if the issue is reproducing again with latest version of Anytype

@Aurareus Did you have this issue in the latest anytype version?

Sorry, haven’t looked at Anytype for a few months.

Still having the same issue with the latest version of Anytype (0.24.0).
Have also tested on Windows 10 with the same dual monitor setup and I’m not getting the issue there.

Also working fine on my Linux.
@Aurareus Have you tried another distro maybe?

Closing the topic because there is no response. Please open a new topic or flag this one to be reopened if you still experience this issue.

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