AnyType Login / Not Syncing

I have had an anytype acc since like 2021, So a while back. Within the past year or so, i have not used it as i have had some issues learning it and getting extra files removed. So i think i left it

Just today, I decided to try to get back into it with my og account with the recovery phase. Managed to log in, updated the app. (From 0.19.0 → 0.31.0)

I logged out, uninstalled anytype, removed the data folder from %appdata%, re-installed the app.

First issue

The OG account has stated that account can’t be found

But, I can still login on my phone still with it (This phone has been formated during its time, so i am presuming it’s getting the data from the backup node)

Mistake i’ve made i think
Found a post here regarding making a fresh accound since according to the docs, the invite code can be reused up to 5 times, I have only used it once since. So i thought, you know what i’ll sign up and make a new acc in hopes of deleting the og / removing it. New acc can be signed in via the desktop. But it does not sync, and it is not available to log in on the phone.

Mobile says error while loading account.

Solutions that might be possible?

  • I’m thinking that if i can delete my og account from my mobile, it might allow the second one to sync and work,

Reason why I am posting

  • It’s to make sure that i am doing things the right way as i do want to try to integrete anytype within my life. And i don’t really want to make a mistake and deleting everything. I have ID’s for both account and the recovery phrase for both accounts as well.

I have scoured through the forums as well, and thats how i came up with the solution above. but i have not tried it yet.
Any help would be appreciated :sparkling_heart:

Thank you very much!