Anytype Is slow, primarily in Linux

@Flip As was performant before the sets was introduced like in version 0.18.58, I think. @lynxlove was the most abnormal I heard.

3 or four releases back the app was made better but it became sluggish.

Describe the bug
There is lot of lag between typing document name and going to the body part

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open Anytype
  2. Press the "Add new Object " button.
  3. Type a really long document name
  4. Press enter and see if cursor immediately goes to the body part

Expected behavior
There shouldn’t be any lag between typing the document name, pressing enter and going to the body part

System Information:

  • OS: Linux - Zorin OS
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Dell 7577 Inspiron
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Additional context


I tested it again by closing all apps now (apart from the recording app ) but again there is lot of lag

While the complete heading is loading in the top bar … I am continously pressing enter to go to body field but the cursor doesn’t move