Anytype Is slow, primarily in Linux

@Srinath ah true, the enter and other key event related issue can be tracked in the report I linked. But opening objects is slow for me as well so we could track this in this report. I’m using Anytype on Linux as well

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I’d be interested to know what the devs think of this.

Is it something they are working on? Or are these delays considered normal?

To me a delay of a few seconds to open even a small Object is a bit worrisome.


@Srinath Hi! Did you update your Anytype till 20.2? If yes, is it work faster than the 19 version?

@Kirill_Lem I have updated to anytype 0.20.9 but still face the issue

when we press tab or enter it takes some time for changes to appear in app .

As mentioned above issue isn’t fixed.


@Kirill_Lem In the 0.20.9 initially slower and then faster after subsequent openings.I could notice the load screen on opening objects.

@Tanzeel098 this issue happens even now.

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I think this issue may be correlated to anytype as an app image in linux. I tested anytype on windows and it does not have any delay at all. So it certainly is not a hardware problem

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@JGsource even sets creation failure happens only linux. Some problems became linux only.

Similar to this issue, slowness in creating bullet point by -

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Encountered the same problem when I first used anytype today (on linux)

Can confirm. First loading after each app opening results in a loading delay upto a minute in the worst case. Subsequent opening of the same page is almost instant until the app is restarted. This is happening on the latest build: 0.22.1 as well. The enter and backspace issue delay has been reduced though. On a related note, came across this request for reducing the loading time of pages requesting the same

My case is so bad on linux. As you can see in the video, opening the library takes a solid 1 min. Open a small page takes around 2 minuted. Opening an empty page takes more than 30 seconds. And worst of all, opening a set takes 3+ minutes. Creating a new page also takes 10+ seconds. TBH, page creation is faster in the video, I experience much higher delays upto a minute for page creations

The App’s performance on windows on the same hardware. Hardware and pages used to test are same. Both linux and windows run natively and not in a VM


Lately, Anytype on Windows (0.23.0) is getting very slow sometimes. Especially when creating a new page I have to wait often 30 seconds. Same for creating Sets or creating object diagnostics. Trying to move blocks doesn’t work too. Anytype just doesn’t react at all and I can’t move them. I am using a VPN though I have experienced this issue also without. This problem occurs on multiple Windows devices. Also on previous versions.
Edit: The same issue is on android version 0.5.0. Creating pages takes its time.


The issue remains on Windows 0.23.5 version. The threshold is so bad that I have to wait for every change I do.


May I ask you how many objects you have in your Anytype (Desktop app → Store → Relations ->Last Modified date/by)?

4684 (pictures and other files included)

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@vova performance in linux is poor again. Now creation of New objects takes longer than 5 seconds

Hey all,
while Anytype runs smoothly the most time on my Linux, one day I realized some weird overall performance decrease in my Linux.
After some troubleshooting I saw my CPU running as low on power as needed.
The throttling setting was set to a “save energy” mode.
This somehow happened by itself, I never changed anything.
I checked how to set the myself and set it back to a more performant mode. My overall speed and also the speed of Anytype was back to normal.
So maybe this helps someone.

I’m using PopOS!, an Ubuntu derivat.
Here are the settings explained.

For short:
I checked the current setting of all cores with:

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor

and then set it to "ondemand or “perfomance” to test. But “ondemand” works fine for me with this command:

echo "ondemand" | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor

The changes are instantly.
If someone tries it and it makes a difference, please reply, what you OS is, and what the setting was by default.

@Flip As was performant before the sets was introduced like in version 0.18.58, I think. @lynxlove was the most abnormal I heard.

3 or four releases back the app was made better but it became sluggish.

Describe the bug
There is lot of lag between typing document name and going to the body part

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open Anytype
  2. Press the "Add new Object " button.
  3. Type a really long document name
  4. Press enter and see if cursor immediately goes to the body part

Expected behavior
There shouldn’t be any lag between typing the document name, pressing enter and going to the body part

System Information:

  • OS: Linux - Zorin OS
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Dell 7577 Inspiron
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Additional context


I tested it again by closing all apps now (apart from the recording app ) but again there is lot of lag

While the complete heading is loading in the top bar … I am continously pressing enter to go to body field but the cursor doesn’t move

Could you please write me to telegram if this still happens and some specifics of your configuration? This is definitely hardware issue from my point of view, we need to take a more detailed look into this.