Anytype iOS 0.50-Alpha

Welcome, everyone, to Anytype for iPhone!

This is the first version we have made available to everyone in our alpha program. A big thank you to our cohort of 150 users who volunteered their time and battery life. Their feedback helped us to build something which we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

We release the app through TestFlight. This Apple-provided service is how you will receive the latest versions from our developer team. To join the Anytype alpha, tap the link on your iPhone or iPad and proceed with the guide.

You can download the app from here



The most incredible innovation since object creation: object deletion. Anytype for iPhone, Android, and Desktop now supports the permanent deleting of objects.


  • You can now change your object’s type from the editor, just as you would on your desktop.
  • On a blank canvas, the cursor will now begin at the correct position.
  • Create new objects in-line or link to pre-existing objects with the big styles menu.
  • “Object type” is now a featured relation and can be displayed on the canvas.


Relations are now accessible from an object’s settings menu. Currently, in read-only mode, upcoming releases will bring further support for relations.


Notes are the new Drafts! A new type of object, perfect for rapidly getting your thoughts into Anytype.

Notes work great with Quick Actions. Press down on the Anytype icon in the Home Screen to create a brand new object.

But if you think differently, you can now choose your default type for creating new objects in Settings.


  • A gorgeous new icon and splash screen to celebrate our release.
  • New panels for block markup in the editor.
  • Full markdown support in the editor.
  • You can now change the wallpaper of your dashboard.
  • Link to objects from the canvas with a new menu item in the keyboard tray.
  • The audio block is now available from the “/” menu.
  • Audio playing in Anytype can be controlled from the control centre & system-wide.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Significant refactoring of our core layer means Anytype for iPhone is now more stable.
  • Improvements to Crashlytics means Anytype will behave better — even when it’s crashed!
  • Emoji-based issues have been resolved!

Join the conversation

Post your issue reports and feature requests right here on the forums using the #iOS hashtag.

We’ve also created a brand new channel for iOS alpha testers over on our Discord. It’s a far richer experience vs. Telegram, and one we hope will make the alpha program even better. But keep in mind the forums are still the place for all bug reports and feature requests.

You can download the app from here