Anytype iOS 0.27.0 released!

Happy December, Anytypers! To celebrate a great year, we’re happy to announce one final release to cap off 2023. With that, we wish you a very happy festive season and a great start to 2024.

Here’s what’s in store:

:gem: New Features:

  • Backlinks v1: Now live!

Backlinks and forward links have been implemented as relations on all platforms, and can be found in the relations panel of any object.

By default, if an object already has backlinks, the backlinks will be displayed as a featured relation, indicating the number of backlinks and - when clicked the linked objects. If an object has no backlinks, the relation will not be featured, but can be located in your relations panel.

  • Object Creation from Widget

It’s now possible to create new objects directly from the widgets you’ve added to your homsecreen. Slide left to reveal the new widget + button. Any objects created in this manner will automatically be added to the widget you’ve selected.

  • Configurable Network Settings

Configurable settings for self-hosting and local-only mode for your data have been introduced on all platforms! To change your sync settings, log out of your account and tap the settings wheel in the top right of the window. There, you’ll see options to choose Self-hosting or Local-only.

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Redesigned Navigation Panel

The navigation panel has been redesigned for a sleeker experience in line with SwiftUI standards. A back button has been added to the navigation panel, meanwhile the search button is only visible from the homescreen, and replaced with a widget (homescreen) button in object view.

  • Set & Collection creation now supported in Editor

By using the /set or /collection commands, you can create a new set or collection from mobile.

  • Grouping added to Recently Edited / Recently Opened Widgets

For easier navigation, when opening Recently Edited or Recently Opened widgets, your objects will be grouped according to ‘Today’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Previous 7 days’ and ‘Older’.

  • Sharing Extension Contextual Tips Implemented

For users creating bookmarks or sharing links in the app, we’ve implemented some tips that indicate how to install the iOS sharing extension for easier copying of web content to Anytype.

  • Redesigned App Update Popup

For outdated versions of the app, we’ve redesigned the popup prompt to remind users to update versions.

:bug: Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Sharing extension button now works more smoothly and does not automatically open Anytype app
  • Fixed: Opened .jpg files no longer reupload as larger .jpeg files (Thanks, Phoebus!)
  • Fixed: Profile image no longer is distorted after upload

Unfortunately this bug still exists: Can't set the the exact day for a date relation on iOS - #2 by Swordfish

Hey Swordfish,
We’ve already fixed it, but it will be included in the next release :pray:

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We decided to release hot fix version 0.27.1 with some fixes, you can upload it and your problem will be fixed :pray:

Best wishes,
iOS team

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Thank you very much :blush::blush: