Anytype iOS 0.26.0 released!

Hello, Anytypers! Throughout September and October, we were hard at work putting together this release, packed with new features to carry you right through to the holiday season.

Here’s what’s in store:

:gem: New Features:

  • Multispaces

They’re here! The crowning jewel across all platforms for this release is the introduction of multispaces, which will allow you to separate which objects, widgets, and eventually - users - comprise your space.

Spaces are synced across your devices, and you can toggle between them by selecting your profile image in the bottom navigation bar. To manage your space settings, including default object type, wallpapers, storage and deletion, tap the space widget at the top of your homescreen.

  • Sharing Extension

iOS share sheet has also been delivered with this release, permitting you to share text or URL content directly to Anytype. Text can be saved as either new Note objects or text blocks within an existing object. URLs meanwhile, can be saved as new Bookmark objects or text blocks within an existing object. You’ll be prompted to select the target space and object when using the share sheet function.

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Redesigned Settings Menu for Sets & Collections

Tapping the settings menu in any set or collection now opens a sleek, minimal menu with options to adjust the view name, or open sub-menus to manage the view type, displayed relations, filters, and sorts.

  • Default Type selection now possible for Collections & Sets by Relation

For Collections & Set by Relation, tapping the down caret next to the ‘New’ button will allow you to adjust which type is implemented by default when creating new objects. Tapping on any type will open a preview of all templates you’ve created for that type, which you can also select from this menu. Finally, you can also select ‘edit’ from this menu to edit or duplicate any of your existing templates.

  • First version of localized iOS interface

Thanks to the help of our contributors, ten new languages are available on the iOS interface! These include: simplified Chinese, Indonesian, French, German, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian. If you’d like to contribute to the translation of your own native language on mobile, you can get started here!

:bug: Bug fixes

  • Fix navigation view appearing in editor.
  • Shake to undo sensitivity improvements.
  • Link to object (Note) does not display the name.
  • Unable to make changes in object after opening object settings.
  • Project object preview has an incorrect icon.
  • Editor’s loading / shimmering state has a light background color.
  • Code blocks don’t show the right language.
  • Copy/pasting a toggle block only pastes the header

new interfaces are beautiful, as always! thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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the ios app is starting to get shaped!
Keep on with the good work !!!

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Hi Thanks for the update particularly iOS share sheet.

Its working fine for Text. However, iOS share sheet option is not working for URL.

Any idea if I am missing something?

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Hey @askankur.

Thank you for your feedback! It means a lot to us.

May I ask you to provide some details about the unavailability of the sharing extension when sharing URLs?

Am I correct in understanding that the “Anytype” application does not appear in the share sheet when attempting to share a URL?
Or does nothing happen after you tap the save button in the sharing extension while sharing a URL?

It was the case that Anytype application was not appearing in share sheet.

However I checked today again and now it is showing and working as expected.

Not sure what made it work. But the issue is addressed.