Anytype iOS 0.25.0 released!

Greetings, Anytype iOS fans! This month, we’re shipping several little polishes to make the iOS experience smoother, as we prep for some big drops in our next releases :eyes:

Here’s what’s in store:

:gem: New Features:

  • Default types & templates now supported in Collections & Sets-by-Relation

Your default object type (and its default template) will now be applied to objects newly created in collections and sets-by-relation. This update is part of a larger project to make template and type management intuitive on iOS, so expect more updates here in our next release.

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Deleted Objects Visible in Read-Only Mode

It’s now possible to open and preview objects that have been moved to bin. Deleted objects will show a trash can icon in the object header, and must be restored in order to edit.

  • Updated Onboarding Flow

We’ve adjusted the text and sequence of the onboarding flow to make it simpler for users creating new Anytype accounts on mobile, with an emphasis on the Recovery Phrase.

  • Icon placeholders removed from all search screens

Previously, objects with no icon would show a placeholder icon in search menus. These placeholder icons have now been removed for minimal clutter.


This bug is also present in the App Store build (it could be the same build, as far as I know). :blush:

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Yes, you are right, I sent you a message in the initial thread :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot, iOS team!

I like the new bottom sheet containing additional information about the recovery phrase. Cool! :raised_hands:

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