Anytype iOS 0.23.0 released! 🌻

iOS 0.23.0

Greetings, Anytypers!

Following our pre-beta release and initial launch on the European App store, we’re excited to roll out the product on global app stores with this release.

If you’ve been enjoying your experience in the beta app, we’d absolutely love to ask for you to help us by leaving a quick review. This makes Anytype more findable in the app store for people who may be looking for a solution like ours :heart:

To leave a review, you can visit our app store page: ‎Anytype: Private Notes on the App Store

:gem: New Features:

The crowning feature of this release is our new onboarding flow, which has been designed to orient new users with the concepts of spaces, identities, and fundamentals regarding how we protect your data.

While this flow is primarily targeted towards new users who are experiencing Anytype for the first time on iOS, veteran users will also notice some snazzy updates to the interface upon logging in and out of the app.

And that’s a wrap for this release! We thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you the next update :innocent:

  • Team iOS