Anytype iOS 0.22.1 released!

Greetings Anytypers! We couldn’t be more excited to share this huge update which includes an integrated Anysync protocol, plus tons of fun features like spaces, widgets, and collections.
Before we get to the good stuff, an important note:

If you were a member of the alpha testing community before mid-May 2023, you will need to perform an account migration via your desktop device before using this version. The previous iOS version will not sync with your other devices. For detailed instructions, please update to the latest version of the legacy desktop app.

:gem: New Features:

  • Widgets

With widgets, you now have the ability to customize your homescreen. Widgets can be comprised of ‘Favorites’, ‘Recents’, ‘Sets’, ‘Collections’, or any object in your anytype. Change the widget view by long tapping any widget, or add or delete widgets by tapping the ‘Edit Widgets’ button.

Any changes you make on your iOS homescreen will reflect on your desktop sidebar, and vice versa.

  • Spaces

Spaces are here! Your bottom navigation menu now shows your space icon; tapping it will open your space and profile settings where you can adjust your space name and icon.

  • Collections

Another friendly addition you’ll notice in this release is that of Collections: folder-like structures whose UI presents similarly with that of sets, but which can include any object of your choosing.

To create a collection, simply tap the plus button and select ‘Collection’ as your object type. From there, any object can be linked to this collection or created directly from the collection itself. We hope you’ll enjoy this feature!

  • ‘About screen’ redesign

Our about screen has been redesigned with much more robust options for navigating support, including release notes, community and documentation links, and a ‘Contact us’ option.

:bug: Fixes:

  • Fixed: WEBP images now supported
  • Fixed: Relation blocks of uninstalled relations are now updating to correctly reflect deleted states
  • Fixed: App icon options in the Appearance menu are correctly highlighting when selected
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to reference the current object when using @ mentinos
  • Fixed: Haptic feedback has been disabled while scrolling in DnD mode
  • Fixed: Set title input UX now includes a ‘Done’ button
  • Fixed: ‘Logout’ and ‘Account delete’ window titles are now displaying correctly

good job, thanks a lot! :heart:

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Nice! Would you please explain how should I update my app? Should I redeem my old invitation code in TestFlight again?

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Hi! Thank you! Can you please try to update your app via iOS link here?