Anytype iOS 0.20.0 released

We’re happy to bring your our first release of 2023 having fully integrated our backend refactoring work from the last year and with it, a boatload of new features for you to play with.

:gem: New Features:

  • Decluttering: Objects & Sets which use Types & Relations which have been removed from your space, now show deleted state on mobile.
    With Desktop 0.30.0, you’re now able to remove unwanted Relations and Types from your space. We encourage you to proceed with caution when doing so, as it’s possible that you might accidentally remove Types & Relations that have been previously used in some Objects. On mobile, we’ve introduced a new ‘deleted state’ interface for these cases.

  • Marketplace: Types and Relations can now be installed from the Marketplace through the editor
    Particularly useful in the above case, you can re-install removed Types & Relations by using the search menu for selecting Types & Relations in your editor. Doing so will return results from the Marketplace - which, when tapped, will install that Type or Relation back into your space.

  • Object: ‘Link-to’ option added to Object menus
    From any Object, tap the three-dots in the upper right corner and see a new option to ‘Link to’ any other Object in your Anytype. These added links will appear in your graph and navigation panes, meaning fewer orphans in the graph.

  • Editor: Inline markdown now supported
    Markdown formats including * (italic) and ** (bold) are now supported when using the iOS editor.

  • Editor: Interactive object previews for tasks introduced
    By clicking on the checkbox icon of Task Objects linked in your editor, you can update the task state without opening the Object.

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Editor: Block markup menu now supports links
    You can now apply links as a style to text blocks in your editor.

  • Bookmark block redesign
    Bookmark blocks have been given a fresh new look with cleaner lines & spacing.

  • Recovery phrase screen redesign
    We made some brushups to the widths and spacing, as it’s proven that more attractive recovery phrase screens correlate to fewer lost recovery phrases.

  • Editor: Updated link preview design
    As part of an ongoing design review of our different platforms, link previews now look sleeker with updated icon & text sizing and spacing.

  • Sets: Template menus are now shown when creating new Objects from Sets
    Just like when creating new Objects from the homescreen + button, when creating new Objects from Sets it’s now possible to select which template you’d like to apply.

:bug: Bugs:

  • Fixed: Searching for type ‘Set’ in the Type select menu when first creating an Object, now returns the correct result for ‘Set’
  • Fixed: Colors in style menu now appearing correctly when switching between light/dark mode
  • Fixed: Bookmark types are now correctly returned when selecting Set source
  • Fixed: Image blocks are now inserted in the same line as the cursor, instead of below
  • Fixed: “Exact day” filter in Sets now correctly filtering results
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to link a text block to both a URL and an Object at the same time

:tada: Solid update! Might have to finally take the plunge and switch to iPhone :cowboy_hat_face: