Anytype iOS 0.19.0 released

As we wind down the month of October, we’re thrilled to bring you some exciting new upgrades that allow you to play with Anytype using some native iOS features, creating more fluid workflows between the app and your device.

:gem: New Features:

  • Lock-screen widget introduced on iOS 16
    Create Objects directly from your lock screen! Add a plus button widget to your lock screen and quickly jot down thoughts as they come - no more waiting to open the app and creating Objects from scratch.

  • New Image Previews now live
    Image files inside the editor can be shared via the system sharing menu. Furthermore, you can now draw on any images in your canvas and see them updated with your edits!

  • Creation of new views from Set View Menu now possible
    Play with different filters and visualizations of your data right inside mobile Sets. From your Sets: Views menu, hit the + button and create as many new views as you like.

  • Multiblock selection now automatically activates from text selection
    Block selection just got easier! When selecting content from the editor, dragging the selection pane to include content from other blocks, will automatically highlight all relevant blocks and open the Block menu.

:rocket: Improvements:

  • The sync status menu is now visible from the Sets header, similarly to Object view
  • The Copy link/Copy phone number/Copy email in relation value screens now appear as inactive for empty values
  • The Add New Object plus button in Sets has been redesigned for visual clarity
  • The ‘Clear’ button in the editor Style menu has been redesigned to be visually distinct from the ‘Reset’ button
  • Bottom navigation has been hidden in Block editor mode to create more space and less clutter

:bug: Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Crashes are no longer occurring after tapping on table cells
  • Fixed: Text no longer disappears after scrolling in editor view
  • Fixed: Caret position no longer jumps after changing block text style

:mirror_ball: :man_dancing:

Can someone email me a code to try it out on TestFlight?

You can simply join via this link: Join the Anytype beta - TestFlight - Apple

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