Anytype iOS 0.17.0 released

Our major focus in this release was making Sets and Relations more comfortable to use on iOS. We hope you will enjoy the new features and improvements!

:gem: New Features:

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Relations can now be opened and viewed for locked Objects
  • Objects can now be opened from Relations list
  • Bookmark flow improvements:
    • Link to Object workflow now creates a Bookmark block, rather than link
    • Long tap opens Bookmark as Object (where you can edit Relations, tags, etc)
    • Bookmark Objects can no longer be changed to other Object Types, and vice versa
    • Paste as text was added to Bookmark action menu
  • Objects that are currently opening now have a loading state
  • Some values from filters are now automatically pre-filled when Objects are created from Set view
  • Tap area for Home screen tabs was increased for smoother interaction
  • ‘History’ tab on Homescreen was renamed to ‘Recent’
  • ‘Show and copy phrase’ button was added to Recovery Phrase screen
  • Actions in the Relation editor were redesigned for greater clarity

:bug: Bugs

  • Fixed: Link to Object block position on creation
  • Fixed: Drag & drop scroll when user moves Object on navigation
  • Fixed: Task layout alignment
  • Fixed: Cleaning block content by block divider shortcut
  • Fixed: Create Object+ button position in mention menu
  • Fixed: Dark mode was causing display issues
  • Fixed: Simple tables was causing crashes for some users
  • Fixed: Some users were experiencing crash on start

The gallery is amazing and I’m excited for the future


Thanks, we are happy to make our iOS app even better :white_heart:


When can we expect kanban??? Desktop version looks awesome. Can’t wait to use them on mobile

We still have a table view to go to match feature parity with android. In the same time kanban on desktop is still in beta, and we are gathering feedback. When kanban will be more stable on desktop we will introduce it on the mobile devices.