Anytype iOS 0.16.0 released

:gem: New Features:

  • Simple tables! From the editor, you can freely add and edit tables on all platforms. Simply type followed by the number of rows x columns, and have fun :sunglasses:

  • Table of Contents: Designed to help you navigate long documents, you can choose to add a Table of Contents from Object view. Tap on any header from the ToC and navigate to the relevant block, which means no more long scrolling!

  • Set sorting logic: Now, you can sort your Sets by relations for optimal organization.

  • Bookmark Sets: Bookmark sets - once created on Desktop - can be opened from the iOS app and support new additions. This way, you can capture and save all your interesting links while on the go!

:rocket: Improvements:

  • Increased tap area for Object settings in Sets
  • New markdown support for divider additions (β€”)
  • Haptic feedback for quick actions from the Homescreen
  • Added possibility to check/uncheck tasks in a Set
  • Added possibility to open file/image/video/bookmark as object from block link

:bug: Bugs

  • Fixed: Search by Relation
  • Fixed: Text alignment in Blocks
  • Fixed: We have resolved a problem wherein some users were encountering crashes on start
  • Fixed: The carriage is no longer disappearing when pressing Enter inside a code block

Thanks for the update @mikhail I don’t have an Iphone but it sure looks slick. Can’t wait to get this v. on Android!

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