Anytype iOS 0.14.0 released

The highlights of this release:

  • Apple Pencil comes to iPad
  • Easy Undo & Redo
  • New blocks, easier relations management

New features:

  • :mega: Callout block support
  • Highlighted blocks now support nesting
  • Easy undo/redo button.
  • An easy way to create new relations, featuring limited support for object types.
  • Updated progress panel when downloading files.
  • Apple Pencil support. Users need to enable Scribble in their iPad Settings app.
  • We’ve renamed the keychain phrase to recovery phrase for clarity.


  • Improvements when closing object settings
  • Autofocus when opening text/number relation editing screen
  • Added copy/paste to /-menu
  • Display deleted objects in relations
  • Unsplash improvements
  • Improved files/image pasting. Shows pasting loader


  • Fixed displaying object name after creating block using /-menu → link to object
  • Fixed displaying full title for object with layout task
  • Fixed space above navigation bar after returning from set
  • Fixed pasting URLs
  • Fixed count for numbered lists
  • Fixed login for restore from recovery after using an invalid invitation code
  • Fixed caret, not wrapping if Enter is pressed at the beginning of a title or description
  • Fixed crash on logout and login to another account
  • Fixed displaying pictures in full-screen gallery view //community feedback
  • Fixed displaying relations on locked object