Anytype helper crashing

Describe the bug
My anytype is crashing after every 10 minutes, and when im going to the work directory, the log files are changing their file sizes agin and again every second and 40% of my CPU is suddenly being used by anytype, whole laptop is getting heated and the fans are ramping up again and again when im opening anytype. The behaviour is very unusual, and after every 10 minutes, anytype crashes with the error " Anytype helper crashed". Mind you, I have faced anytype helper crashed before too, but at that time i never was able to even open my anytype after the first crash. It just crashed again and again after i reopened anytype, and the CPU usage by anytype didnt go so high, nor did my laptop heat up so much. But today i can open anytyoe for 10-15 minutes after a crash, after which it again crashes and meanwhile the laptop is fried

I have sent it to @Razor on telegram

To Reproduce
It just started happening today morning on August 1 before the update all of a sudden. It was just running in the background and suddenly this stuff started happening

Expected behavior
It should have worked as usual

System Information:

  • OS:Windows 11
  • Anytype Version: 0.26.1
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@Ishaan as you have shared your logs with Razor via Telegram I think you are in good hands. Did you get any feedback from him or the team directly?

Nope! Razor told me he will update is with the situation on this thread as soon as they get their big fixed!

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I’m facing exactly this, so I considered it a different bug and made a topic: Anytype helper crashed

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We have updated libp2p which was causing majority of crashes lately, especially for new accounts. As for this annoying popup that keeps restarting the app after crash - I have removed it, it will now happen only once. The release is coming in two weeks, we will go into testing phase on this week hopefully.

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So it would be fixed in the upcoming release?

Yes, I think so


Should be fixed with todays release.

It did resolve my issue (i had the same issue…)

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