Anytype export format


As Anytype is still in development, sometimes errors and bugs occur. I want to be able to restore my database in new accounts if the needs arises, and using the Markdown export leaves a lot of metadata out of the final .zip file.
Also, sharing objects between users while Collaboration is still in development is tedious and slow.
I recommend to implement a new export format for Anytype itself, to be able to share files between Anytype accounts without losing all metadata of an object.


Markdown files are really powerful, but Anytype is more. Relations, covers, Code Blocks, toggles are Anytype-exclusive features that do not seem to export in a .md file.
A new plain-text format like Markdown, but including all this information could be created to truly import Anytype objects with all the data they really contain. Metadata headers in a .md file could work, but also a .json file associated with the Markdown file could be used to contain the object metadata.


  1. Anytype backup and recovery: recently, my Anytype account has gotten corrupted, to the point that none of my devices can load my profile. Fortunately, I did a backup when problems started to arise, so I was able to recover most of my data. However, all metadata of my objects have dissapeared, and given how dependent Anytype is on its relations, this exported data is somewhat useless, because I have to rebuild my library basically from scratch.

  2. Sharing: If I have some objects that I want to share with other users, while Collaboration is not implemented, objects can be easily shared through export. However, those relations, covers, icons, emojis and such are not exported, and thus must be manually inserted.


Current export does a decent job, but not all object data is exported.


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@alvaroglezeri account export will part of migration flow from the Legacy version to the Beta version with new infrastructure.

For the record; the migration to Beta will not be automatic, as we hoped. If you wish to keep your content, you will need to do an export/import. It is not mandatory, if you’re willing to start fresh you can simply skip this migration step and just run the new software.

The Legacy version will be maintained, polished occasionally and whatever features it has will continue to function. But all new features and UI improvements will only be implemented in Beta versions.

Beta will be different software so it will not be backwards compatible, therefore all Testers will be required to install the new software to enjoy new iterations of Anytype.


Thanks for the response! And when is this expected to occur? I have been putting in a lot of hours to rebuild by database, and I wouldn’t like to waste time in making it perfect if the new versions are around the corner :slight_smile:

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May is the projected stable release window for 0.32.0 as of now, but as usual that date can be pushed back. We don’t want to leave anyone behind, so we won’t roll out the migration until it operates ideally. We also can’t promise it will restore some corrupted or lost objects.

As a Nightly Typer, you’ll be seeing it in some weeks.

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I apologize for the potential stupidity of my question, but: Does this mean that we are going to lose all the metadata mentioned by OP when doing the export/import dance during the migration to Beta? For a very new beginner like me, this would mean not to create to much elaborate content; for those who are testing/using Anytype a bit longer already, this would be a major setback.

I’m aware of the Alpha character of this stage, just like to have this question clarified. Thanks in advance!


Hi @kleink, and welcome to the Community!

All questions are legitimate, and the similarity of topics makes this stuff hard to sort.

No, that’s not what it means. The export being described here is something entirely different, intended for a universal export that you’d import into another software for example.

The migration from our Alpha to Beta will be a custom process exclusive to Anytype software, so all Relations, Tags, Types, Sets, Images, and so on, will transfer 1:1.

We won’t release the Beta until we’re certain the migration will work for everyone.

I still think this isn’t a bad idea, not to get too crazy with building out your Anytype Alpha. So far though, we haven’t run into any problems testing the migration internally.