Anytype doesn't close to system tray

Describe the bug
When closing Anytype, the app doesn’t minimize to the system tray and instead is terminated.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open Anytype.
  2. Press x in the taskbar.
  3. The whole app is terminated.

Expected behavior
I expected the app to work the same way it does on Windows where it the app is minimize to the system tray on close.

System Information:

  • OS: Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Dell Inc. G3 3590
  • Anytype Version: Version: 0.27.0
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I confirm this behaviour. But its actually the behaviour I want. Otherwise I would use the minimize button.
Though I get it should be the same on all platforms.

As I recall such behaviour was asked for on forums as well, I can make it work the same as in Windows I think, anyway there is Quit button in menu.

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Personally I would want to windows client to completely close when I press the “X” and not have anytype active in the backgrond! I see no reason why a notetaking app should stay active.

But that is my personal preference. :wink:

Guess that will be different for everyone what they prefer and it’s up to anytype to decide how (and why) it works the way it does.

Could we get an option to configure that in the settings?

It’s not just a note-taking app already at this point. It can also be many other things, including a task manager. The reason for it to stay in the background is so that you can access it quickly either for searching it or adding new objects.

Hopefully in the future we’ll get global hotkeys for search and creating new objects.

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I‘m curious, why not just use the minimize button? Isn’t it doing the same thing?

As I said, it is personal preference. I also don’t want a to-do app stay active when I press the “x”! :wink: I find it annoying that I have to right click the icon again and then quit/close the app again.

Both sides have a preference to it and I think it is up to Anytype to deside what “X” does.

Maybe there are technical limitations or reasons for Anytype to stay active when you press “X”. For example in the future the webclipper might require Anytype to stay active in the background to quick add content without opening Anytype.

All I am saying I want programs to not stay active when I close them with the “X”, unless it is system/app critical.

What Flip says, it might be an option in the settings. Keep Anytype active in the background when closing the app. For quick acces.

You can press cmd+q on mac os at least

Yes indeed. Most programs like these do have an option to choose if you want the app to minimize to system tray on close and ofc I’m all for it.

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I also like to click x when I’m done with an app. I don’t want to be alt tabbing over the app all the time since I won’t be using it etc.

The point of it staying in the system tray is so that it can either be quickly open (almost instantaneously on windows) or for stuff like instant search or the web clipper.

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