Anytype Desktop 0.38.0 Released ✨

Greetings, dear community!

Refusing to succumb to the post-holiday blues, we’re kicking off the new year with another release to address the valuable feedback we received after our latest update. This time around, we’ve also conducted an extensive cleanup to tackle longstanding bugs, ensuring a smoother experience for all users. Thanks to everyone who’s given feedback, reported bugs, and contributed to our codebase and Experience Gallery!

Special shout-out to contributors @LavaC, @Hexara, and @thePauker for making this release possible :sparkles:


Quick Capture Updates

Having introduced a new quick capture menu in our previous release, we’ve now added additional refinements to help you customize it to your workflows. To customise your own quick-capture menu, first right-click the plus button in your navigation bar. Then, tap the ‘search’ button on left open the quick capture customisation menu. Right-click any object type to arrange them in the order you prefer. You can also change your default object type or directly delete objects using this menu.

More! And More! And More Embeds!

We heard you loud & clear, more embeds are desired! With this release you’ll now have access to the following embed blocks:

  • Twitter posts

  • Facebook posts

  • Telegram messages

  • Figma public documents

  • Open street maps

  • Github gist

  • Graphviz diagrams

  • CodePen

  • Sketchfab

  • Kroki diagrams (Thanks, @LavaCxx!)

  • Bilibili videos (Thanks, @LavaCxx!)


We’d like to thank our first ANY Experience contributors, @Hexara7777 and @ChristianHaake for submitting five new experiences to the gallery! Check them out here👇


Added resize functionality to PDF and Embed Blocks

Embed and PDF blocks can now be resized, similarly to image blocks.

UX Improvements for Featured Relations

To help you better make use of your featured relations, empty-state featured relations now display the relation name so you know what they refer to. Clicking the relation will open the relation selection dropdown - either in the object’s relations panel or directly in the editor.

System Notifications are Displayed when Window is Not in Focus

System notifications will display even when the Anytype window is not in focus.

MacOS Icon Shows Badge for Unread Notifications

For Mac users, a notification badge with the number of unread notifications will be displayed above the Anytype icon in your tray.

Minimum Zoom Value Updated on Graph

It’s now possible to zoom out and visualize your entire graph.

:computer: TECH

  • Electron updated to 28.1.3

  • Tar.gz added as target for Linux builds

:bug: FIXES


  • Fixed: Auto show/hide of sidebar now works properly (Thanks, andre!)

  • Fixed: Ctrl + \ now properly toggles the sidebar open and closed (Thanks, andre!)

  • Fixed: Sidebar width is now fixed after using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + . or Ctrl + \ (Thanks, Hexara!)

  • Fixed: Floating sidebar no longer disappears after resizing window (Thanks, SwiftyChicken!)

  • Fixed: To prevent glitches, sidebar resizing logic when sidebar is collapsed has been updated

  • Fixed: Sidebar is now always present when launching the app

  • Fixed: Tree widgets with linked collections can now be expanded to view contents of collection

Sets & Relations:

  • Fixed: Combo box no longer cut off at right edge of window in Set: Grid View (Thanks, halr9000)

  • Fixed: Right-clicking on tags in sets no longer opens object action menu (Thanks, Code-Jack!)

  • Fixed: Kanban sets with five or more tags no longer causes a vertical scrollbar to appear (Thanks, sir-coffee!)

  • Fixed: Date & Time relations now properly sync with Daylight Savings Time in system settings (Thanks, Hexara!)

  • Fixed: Years 0-99 are now supported in Date relations (Thanks, BlablaTalker!)

  • Fixed: Relations combo box no longer hidden in Grid View for last object of a large set (Thanks, Hexara!)

  • Fixed: When adding a new relation, system relations are now grouped in their own section at the bottom of the Relation Select Menu

  • Fixed: Options in tag and status relations are now sorted alphabetically

  • Fixed: Tooltip for new object button now shows object type which will be created

  • Fixed: Mandarin input for text relations now working properly

  • Fixed: In the layout menu for Calendar view, ‘Group relation’ option has been changed to ‘Date relation’ for better clarity


  • Fixed: Cell background color can now be changed (Thanks, Hexara!)

  • Fixed: Double scrollbar no longer appearing when when opening the three-dots menu to edit the row/column (Thanks, WentAFK!)

  • Fixed: Incorrect cell menu is no loner showing after last column is removed


  • Fixed: Deleted text no longer reappears after block is deleted (Thanks, aero!)

  • Fixed: Clicking local file path link now opens the correct path (Thanks, 4thHydro!)

  • Fixed: Windows file path explorer now recognizes names with spaces (Thanks, 4thHydro!)

  • Fixed: Default text color now works properly when selecting multicolored text strings (Thanks, Romi!)

  • Fixed: Orange plus sign no longer disappears after making modifications to blocks (Thanks, Laurent_P!)

  • Fixed: Typing no longer gets deleted from the editor (Thanks, Evan!)

  • Fixed: Imported PDFs no longer rendering in lower quality (Thanks, Flip!)

  • Fixed: DnD in modal windows now correctly identifying cursor position (Thanks, LoyalOrange503!)


  • Fixed: Accepting spellcheck solution no longer changes text formatting (Thanks, SorryCantThinkOfANam!)

  • Fixed: Accepting spellcheck solution no longer text color in previous letters (Thanks, jannis!)

  • Fixed: Accepting spellcheck solution no longer adds letters before and after @ mentions (Thanks, dzlg!)

  • Fixed: Spellcheck now working properly for text relations (Thanks, dzlg!)


  • Fixed: Unlinked objects toggle now properly reflects unlinked objects when it is the only toggle selected (Thanks, Balcion!)

  • Fixed: Updated logic for filtering links, relations, and unlinked objects


  • Fixed: Deleting bookmark on second open page no longer redirects to previous open page (Thanks, Sergiu!)

  • Fixed: Keyboard command inputs now remain in English regardless of interface language (Thanks, Foxel!)

  • Fixed: When creating links to other objects, object selection is now visually indicated in select menu (Thanks, Flip!)

  • Fixed: Unexpected Javascript errors no longer occurring (Thanks, Ssussdriad!)

  • Fixed: Clicking on title bar of object window no longer minimizes/maximizes Anytype window (Thanks, Raphal!)

  • Fixed: Space menu now displays spaces in the correct order when spaces are added from another device

  • Fixed: The bug that was preventing auto-update by timer has been fixed


Suggestion for Quick Capture instructions:

  1. Right-click on the + icon in the toolbar.

  2. Click on the search icon (magnifying glass).

  3. Right click on an object to set it as the default or pin it to the top.

The screen capture image at the beginning of this post, makes it look like this menu will launch from a regular click of the + icon.
It’s not intuitive, at least to me, to right-click first or to regular click on the search icon. It’s a useful upgrade, but I would not have noticed it unless I read the update notes.


+1, I thought so at first, another thing I noticed that the date picker now has those < and > buttons to quickly switch between months, this isn’t added to the log of changes. It saves me a lot, love it!


Yes, lots of little things that I’m like “Hmmm… this is so much easier now!” :slightly_smiling_face:
More excited that PDF’s are not blurry, than the option to resize.


Fixed: Options in tag and status relations are now sorted alphabetically

Unfortunately the sorting of select / status values is now worse for me. These values were sorting properly before.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 4.46.20 PM

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Great release mostly. Congratulations! Featured Relations look great, although they still can’t be reordered :/.


Thank you, AnyTeam and contributors, for this release! This did improve the UX.

Figma and Twitter embedded, plus the ‘resize’ functionality. Awesome!!

Thanks for this! I was confused a bit at first to understand ‘where’ to pin the object.


Yeah, this is a great feature once you figure it out, however the UX needs work.

I had to check the version on my software after failing to find it several times. Only found it by accident when I tapped the search button.

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Thanks for the feedback! I have adjusted the wording in the release notes to indicate where to find this menu, thanks @Curie for your indications. Our PM who oversees this feature is out-of-office today, but will share the feedback so we can hopefully make this flow more intuitive.


Same, after I clicked on the search icon I starting clicking all over the place to see if there were “hidden” updates.

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Thanks @Charlotte! The colorful Quick Capture menu as a first screen would be great for onboarding. It gives the user clear object choices vs the initial blank default object screen when clicking the + icon.


I just finished updating on pc. Thank you so much for implementing my request to expand collections. My navigation widget is so much better now! :sparkles:


Hi, my tags aren’t sorted alphabetically. Do you mean when you choose a tag from inside an object?

Thanks for the update, small bug:
it’s not "
" but OpenStreetMap

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How do the filtering links, relations, and unlinked objects work now?
My system uses Relations to differentiate quality links from those automatically created by AnyType (@, “link to”, inline sets and collections, etc).
Tbh, it’s frustrating because I’ve spent entire days designing a clean and clear system, but now it is a complete mess. Having the option to exclude each link type separately (@, “link to”, inline sets and collections, etc) would solve my issue.

It will be corrected in the next update, thank you!

Could you please elaborate on what are you talking about in a separate bug report?

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