Anytype Desktop 0.34.0 Released 💥

Greetings, Anyfam!

We’re keeping fresh this summer with some sweeping updates which include our first push of localized interfaces and lots of polishing work on templates.

Big thanks to everyone who’s helped to make Anytype more wonderful this month by translating the interface to your native language, making pull requests, reporting bugs, and spreading the word. We see and appreciate you!


  • Introduction of Localized Interfaces
    With the help of our linguistically gifted community, we’re thrilled to bring you the very first iteration of a localized interface. Anytype desktop is now available in 14 languages! To change your interface language, jump to Settings > Preferences and select the language of your choosing.
    Please note that all translations from the English language are community-contributed. If you notice any errors, you’re free to submit your corrections using this platform. Any updates will be shipped in the successive release.
    Don’t see your language? Feel free to start contributing your own translations!

  • Introduction of Blank Templates & Default Template Selection
    If you ever wished you could bypass automatic template application when creating objects, a ‘blank’ template has now been added to all types, with the exception of Type: Note. This blank template cannot be deleted or modified in any way.

Meanwhile, it’s now possible to choose a default template for each type. From the types page, click the newly-added three-dots menu for the template, and click on the menu option ‘Set as default’.

This template will now be applied each time you create an object from sets or collections, though you can customize the template according to each set view. When creating objects from the + button or / command menu, you will still be presented with a panel of templates to choose from.


  • Template titles applied by default
    Template titles are now applied to new objects created with that template. This paves the way for future updates, such as adding automated titles to templates.

  • Batch updating of object type now possible from Set & Collection
    If you select several objects of the same type, you’ll see a new menu option to ‘Change type’, which we hope will reduce the need to update types object-by-object.

  • Widgets now available for recently edited & recently opened objects
    Depending on whether you prefer to define your recent objects according to recently modified or opened date, you can now choose the corresponding widget. Please note that recently opened widgets are device-specific and therefore will not sync across your devices due to the decentralized nature of the application.

  • Newly created set & collection views now copy settings from currently open view
    Each time you create a new view in your sets or collections, your current view settings - including filters & sorts - will be automatically copied to the new set

  • Block menu control element visible on hover
    No need to re-create your widgets - any changes you make to your sets will be instantly reflected in the corresponding set widget

  • Scroll in LaTeX blocks replaced with wrap
    No need for endless back and forth; content in your LaTeX blocks will now wrap automatically for better readability.

:hammer_and_wrench: TECH & PERFORMANCE

  • RPM build is back
    For our Linux lovers, the RPM package manager is now back; you can download RPM builds from our download page.


  • Fixed: Status/tag relation menus no longer opening editing interface on hover
  • Fixed: Cursor no longer dropping when adding link-in-text using keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed: Unreadable font color in dark mode for Notion imports has been fixed. Thanks, kunthawat!
  • Fixed: Numbered lists no longer reset from 40 onward. Thanks, Rebo!
  • Fixed: Relations added to objects after set creation are now showing in column view when toggled on. Thanks, saifeldeen!
  • Fixed: Text context menu is now opening properly for all selected blocks
  • Fixed: Text relations no longer reverted to previous state in sets after being edited inside the object. Thanks, xpdmk!
  • Fixed: KaTeX has been updated to the latest version, permitting LaTeX blocks to render chemical equations. Thanks, jannis!
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to to double-press Enter in paste menu. Thanks, sergiu!
  • Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar in code blocks no longer appear in PDF exports or print versions. Thanks, jannis!

16 posts were merged into an existing topic: Inconsistency with Auto-fill Titles in Kanban View

Good update, we can use custom UI language now, thanks team.

But looks like UI is not translated 100%,


Tag is fixed, would be patched today.


No problem with title for me (I don’t have a title for the template, so I don’t have a title for creation).

But there are still things to do to make it nice:

Just annoying, I’m going to wait until it’s refined before using it :confused:.
(and after, I would really need the the mass application of templates :sweat_smile:)

:heart: Thanks Team for this release, there’s always room for improvement, but seeing new developments on a regular basis is great fun and keeps us motivated!


Most of this issues will be addressed in a couple of upcoming releases :pray:



Maybe that’s make senses to separate the template’s name and the template document’s title into different values. It can fits for most use cases.


Page icons were not displayed along with their links. They look like normal texts. The icon appears when the page is opened.


Feel free to create a bug (well… a ticket for this bug ^^) :wink:

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Thanks for checking in, @ccrawford.

This issue isn’t related to the Set’s Type source, but instead to the View as it seems to be specific to the Kanban view. Definitely a bug and was already fixed in our master version (0.34.3).

So, I’ve moved this aspect of the conversation to a new topic:
Inconsistency with Auto-fill Titles in Kanban View.

Feel free to share any more thoughts on this issue there to help us stay on topic in the release notes thread.

Additionally, your feedback is super valuable and appreciated by the Team, I just kindly request that all Bug Reports be carried out in the proper category. It’s very hard to track and systematize fixing bugs if people share feedback outside of their designated channels :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thanks for helping us keep things organized!


@Angelo thanks for the quick solutions on these bugs, you guys are amazing!

Also, if you want to use a template without the template name being applied to the object, just leave your template as untitled and it will work as if it were a blank template for the title now.

Looking forward to all that is to come! :smiley:


I just read through the release threat and just have to say: wounderful community and Anytpe Team! @ccrawford documented the issues in a detailed and clear video, @Razor and the team jumped into the conversation and even made a quick fix → I love it :slight_smile:


yeah, too much Marvel movies, I guess


Great update as always :slight_smile: Thank you.


Awesome to see the new update with a bunch of languages added! And those parts that aren’t translated yet (relations, default Anytype types, and small bits and pieces here and there - I guess they’ll be added to crowdin in the future, for us to translate :blush:)

Thanks for all your work on making this awesome! - for some already right now, and for others very soon with these updates :wink: