Anytype Desktop 0.33.0 Released 🌻

Hi Community!

It feels like yesterday that we launched our pre-beta release, yet here we are again with another cheeky update for July :smirk:

We’re deeply grateful for all the love you’ve shown us everywhere since our last update - your support these weeks has kept our spirits high and light. With today’s release, we hope to inject a big dose of elegance into the login/logout process for existing users, and to the onboarding flow for new users. Enjoy!

:gem: Highlights of this Release:

Redesigned onboarding & login experience

We’re calling this one feature, but it’s really a whole series of features and designs wrapped into one experience that comprises everything from installation to login.

During the onboarding experience, new users are situated within the ‘Void’ to understand where their space will be created.

From there, users receive supplemental education on the importance of protecting and backing up their recovery phrases. Finally, users are able to visualize their identity and personal space as two distinct entities.

Although this flow is primarily designed for new users, existing account holders will also get to join in on some of the fun. You’ll notice when logging in or out of your account, that your recovery phrase window got a colorful new design and that the void concept has been introduced uniformly in all accounts.

:zap: Quality-of-Life Improvements:

Account & Space Settings Menu Updates

We’ve re-arranged some of the elements in your account and space settings menu to work more intuitively - namely, import and export menus have moved from your account to your space settings.

We’ve also added a description field to your account settings, which is reflected in your profile object as Relation: Description.

Views in Set widgets are now correctly updated when something is changed in source set

No need to re-create your widgets - any changes you make to your sets will be instantly reflected in the corresponding set widget

:hammer_and_wrench: Tech & Performance:

  • Windows build now signed with certificate

Say goodbye to Windows Defender alerts - our security certificate has now been signed

:bug: Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: ‘Last opened’ homepage setting now working correctly
  • Fixed: Image popups no longer flickering when resizing windows

Thanks, jannis!

  • Fixed: Right-clicking on file no longer opens object

Thanks, person!

  • Fixed: Right-clicking on object from sidebar no longer opens object
    Thanks, isle9!
  • Fixed: It’s now possible to copy text from block when block menu is open

Thanks, sooyoung!

  • Fixed: Caret position no longer jumps on alt + delete

Thank you Charlotte! The new personal space settings menu looks great :slight_smile:

Just a quick note: it looks like when I upgraded, one inline set got removed from the page it was in. This didn’t happen for all my inline sets (I only noticed it for one). And interestingly, when I go to version history, older versions no longer that inline set.

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Please create a bug report for that so we can discuss it without spamming this topic!


Where can existing users find the new onboarding? Thank you

@Belqis You can logout and create a new account by clicking Join instead of Login. But you can also see the new onboarding in the video above.

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Well, I just downloaded it from and I got the Windows Defender window. First I got it before starting the download in Edge and before starting the installation.

Hmm, I did get the Edge warning that this file isn’t commonly downloaded, but I don’t get any Windows Defender (or “Windows Security” on Win11) popup when installing 0.33.0. Can you flag it as safe to let Microsoft know they can trust this exe?

Yes, I did that on Edge. I’m using Win10 btw.

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Are we allowed to have more than one account? I messed up my database by trying a Notion import and now I have a bunch of useless files and my “Everything” sort is a mess. I want to see if I can get the original templates and compare a clean install with my current install for troubleshooting.

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Yes, you can have multiple accounts.

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@Belqis I think it’s not explicitly prohibited to have 2 accounts.

But once you have figured out how to fix the mess, it’s a good idea to delete the unused account from the settings. This helps optimize resource usage on the backup nodes and prevents a bunch of inactive accounts from piling up for the Anytype team.


Thank you.

Hi there, I tried to download on Linux with the appimage, it didn’t recognize it. So I just focused on my android tablet…
When I wanted to updates the app it didn’t work until I uninstalled it and reinstalled it…
One bad thing I did was toreopen à new account becoz year, I forgot the sentence… It’s okay becoz I didn’t have much yet… It’s a great way to learn responsability anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why I must to import my backup? All my data was deleted in Anytype?

I took a break for a while and only recently decided to continue using this software.

This is linked to the move to beta version, which requires

  • either a backup and reimport to recover data adapted to the new version
  • or a fresh start

Look here :

Or here (which explains the two choices) :

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I see. However, how to download legacy apps?

Thanks! I found it in the forum.

I just wanted to follow up and say that I have been able to wrangle my existing Anytype account into a well organized repository of information that is very accessible on the go. I haven’t tried it in iPad yet, but the Android app works wonderfully.

I really marvel at how snappy the app is. I have a set-up that I can quickly navigate and utilize as well the the associated documents (that I have uploaded).

I regularly use other apps, both offline/local first and online only, but if I need quick reliable access to my information (which is redundantly stored in multiple apps [it takes less than 90 seconds]), Anytype is my go to.

I cannot say enough good things about this app. The other apps are good at other things, and maybe best suited for desktop usage, but Anytype is hands down the only mobile app that I trust accessing on the go without somehow me through user error accidentally erasing any files or data.

I am still learning this app and will continue to do so, but I think I am finally off to a good start.

Thank you to the Anytype team for developing an app with this file/data/storage structure. It is brilliant and there really is not point in comparing any other apps to Anytype if they do not have the same [is it IPFS?] setup.

Again, definitely not trashing any other apps because I still use them daily, still like them and they are good at what they do. Just wanted to note that the [IPFS?] setup and the way this app handles data is amazing.

I never thought I would be able to learn to navigate Anytype in a meaningful way, but once I was able to do that, everything has fallen into place.