Anytype Desktop 0.28.0 Released 🥳

Great Job Team! Thanks for all the hard work.

just one question, is it just me or anybody else has the problem downloading the latest update? I mean I keep getting this error:

It goes nearly half way and then this prompt comes up.

You can download from

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One more bonus in this release because @Razor writes code faster than I can write release notes: forward links and backlinks are now highlighted in graph view :star_struck:
Play around and let us know what you think!



Don’t wait for spell check support in Russian? :cry:

Great release! :hushed: Those are quality-of-life improvements indeed.

Oh, this image made me dream of a GKT4 app for Linux, with a nice clean headerbar instead of that title bar and menu :pleading_face:



A kanban without updating relations? I’ll wait until it does

crippled kanban, just like the crippled offline strategy, still waiting for more improvement

This was already in here. But was disabled last minute for the safety of the users data.

Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable waiting for the Beta release?

By definition an Alpha software can’t be “crippled”, as it doesn’t claim to be complete.

The point right now is to identify needs, limitations and bugs. You can help by reporting/voting if you want.


Nice little addition, but the green for the backlinks is barely visible in dark mode

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Thanks for the heads up, making a note of it :slight_smile:


System library do not support Russian for some reason. We will implement some dev shenanigans to fix this in the upcoming release

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Honestly guys, amazing stuff! Can’t wait to start playing around with this and getting used to the new features! Still on the edge of my seat for inline sets though!

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Once we remove invite codes part that needs to be online when creating account would go away. And thanks for constructive feedback, really appreciated.

I’ll be waiting :slight_smile:

I can’t adjust the width of the set table. Do you have similar situations


I believe the “object type as relation” feature is broken after the last update. I wanted to mention it here before filing a bug report.As you can see from the screenshot bellow, nothing is being displayed in the filtering menu nor anything changes after you start typing for a particular object.

file a separate bug report pls

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