Anytype Desktop 0.27.0 🎉

Happy August, Anytypers! :wave:

Over the past weeks our team has been busy with both process and product updates. From now on, you can expect a cross-platform release every four weeks.

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve cooked up for you in this release:

:gem: Highlights:

  • Simple tables are here! As one of our most popular feature requests, we’re so excited to introduce simple tables across all platforms. From the editor, simply type /table and customize the number of cells, column widths, and background colors to your liking.
    You can also use shortcut /table{x}-{y} to create a table with X rows and Y columns.


  • Bookmarks as Objects: To help keep track of links you’ve bookmarked around the web, you can now create Sets with Type: Bookmark, so you can view and sort them all in one place. Say goodbye to lost links forever!

  • New ‘Getting Started’ Objects (New Users only): Upon registration, new users will see an updated ‘Get Started’ page and ‘Advanced’ page, with concise explanations of core concepts and a set of bookmarked demo videos for typical use cases.
    For everyone else who’s interested in honing your Anytype superpowers, check out our demo videos and let us know what other kind of content or use cases you’d like to see!

:rocket: Features & Enhancements:

  • Text underline: The underline option is here. Underline away, friends!
  • Callout blocks: By using /callout in our editor, you can now create Callout Blocks as a way to highlight specific bits of information, like this:

:zap: Quality-of-Life Improvements:

  • Text letter spacings were corrected for improved readability
  • Link styles have been updated and the double squircle icons next to text links have been removed
  • Code blocks now have a ‘copy’ button in the interface
  • Sidebar and editor got a technical update, and now work a bit faster
  • Recovery phrase and QR code are now not only blurred, but replaced with a substitute for security purposes
  • The preload screen has a new Anytype icon and logo
  • Mentions and link menus were modified
  • Dates everywhere in the app were changed to work in local timezones, including filters in Sets
  • Menus like mention or search (which load a list of Objects) now load page-by-page, for performance optimization
  • Author was removed from featured Relations by default

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Anytype to crash during startup with a Javascript error
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the Type selection interface to reappear after the Type had been selected
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing pasting in locked Pages
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Object restoration from Version History
  • Fixed a bug which prevented horizontal scroll in unwrapped code blocks
  • Alphabetical sort of Types in the Library has been corrected
  • Removed circular references in the sidebar
  • Dragging blocks to the sidebar is now working for normal Objects
  • Fixed ability to change source in Sets after creation
  • Fixed a scroll problem when navigating Objects with Ctrl/Cmd + arrow up/down
  • Removed the ability to copy/paste the title of a page as a title block

These videos are great! Hope to see more as new features get added

Though I suggest making them much slower, clearly explaining each step. The fast pace of these videos might turn new users off instead of bringing them in.


I didn’t find them fast paced at all, although that might be because I’m not a new user.

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Thanks @Charlotte & @Anytype-Team for the monster update, there’s so much in this release to be excited about!


Credits where credits due. This is a very solid update in my opinion!

Simple tables features is really polished with more features then I expected and bookmark set/type are really great. Bookmarks just became really useful with a set that pulls each and every bookmark within your notes to one place, with the power to add tags and relations as well!

On top of that the bonus callout blok is very welcome addition. Thank you!

I really hope the image and file type/set gets the same ability to add tags and relations to it in the future!

Last thing I notished is that there is a Pictures relation where you can add pictures allready added to Anytype! This is magnificent and I hope all other image/picture relations/blocks get this ability as well like banner, icon and /picture


See topic here:

Setting cover image to an existing picture is coming!

Ps: always nice to meet another tweaker!


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I am excited for simple tables! This will make my note-taking so much easier. Thank you for your continued work :heart: