Anytype Desktop 0.26.1

Hi Anytypers!

A new version of Anytype for Desktop is released: 0.26.1 :tada: You can check out the full list of new features and bug fixes below, but some of the highlights are:

In-app account deletion :wastebasket:

In this release we implemented an option to allow users to permanently delete their Anytype account, including objects stored on the backup node. This should address some of the concerns shared here.

Relative filters for Sets

You need to know what’s on the list for tomorrow? Now you know! We’ve added relative date filters to Set views :spiral_calendar_pad:

  1. You choose the date Relation you want to filter on
  2. You choose the kind of filter range
  3. You set the date range

You have many options to choose from, like showing all events with a due date exactly three days from now:



Let us know if your date range filter option or scenario is missing.

Anytype app icon

The Anytype desktop application has a shiny new app icon, so the desktop, Android and iOS icons are the same! :nail_care:


  • Account: Permanently erase your Anytype account, recovery phrase, and objects stored on the backup node. :wastebasket:
    :warning: Note: You will have 30 days to change your mind. After 30 days, this is irreversible, and we cannot help you recover your data. :warning:
  • Editor: Highlight block now changes style to paragraph when pressing backspace in empty block, like lists :spiral_notepad:
  • Editor: Objects in “move to” menu are now being sorted by “last modified” date
  • Sidebar: Drag-and-drop Blocks directly to the sidebar to move the Block to another Object :arrow_upper_left:
  • Sets: Date filters receive support for relative values :date:
  • Relations: Show featured relation star by default in the relations panel :star:

Fixed Bugs

  • Editor: Dragging and dropping Blocks into columns was reworked and now works more consistently (good looking out @ignatovv)
  • Sets: Sets sometimes were resizing incorrectly when making changes to Objects within the Set (thanks @Cernel1337 for reporting!)
  • Editor: Chinese input methods when editing title or description in pages like Object Type or Set was fixed (thanks @Others we fixed it)
  • Editor: Incorrect search order of options when searching for some languages in code block (thanks @Flip for noticing!)
  • Editor: Inability to delete selected blocks that have nested children (thanks @hysci, this issue is now fixed!)

- Anyteam :v:


Hi. I can’t seem to update to this new version. When I use the check for updates option and press update, the window goes blank, nothing happens and I have to force quit the app.

Ok, can be some kind of bug :frowning: You may need to download it manually

Thanks @Angelo just downloading from your link now.

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I’m having the same problem as Nashi - the auto update does not work, blank screen, app freeze, have to force quit and restart.

I will also manually install - but wanted to let you know there’s more than one of us where auto update isn’t working for this one.



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Hi, there is no formal verification via email or anything like that, but if you click delete accidentally you have 30-days to recover it before it gets deleted permanently.

Google Translated
嗨,没有通过电子邮件或类似方式进行的正式验证,但如果您不小心点击了删除,您有 30 天的时间来恢复它,然后它才会被永久删除。

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可以考虑点击删除后弹出pin code验证

Yes, that would be a great suggestion for those who have pin codes. You can create a new feature request if one doesn’t exist!

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