Anytype Desktop 0.25.4

Hello everyone! After a short Easter break, we’re back with some exciting updates.

This version of Anytype doubles-down on productivity, making it easier for you to work with multiple objects at once. :key: Key to this update is the ability to now delete several objects from a Set. You can learn more about how this works below. :point_down:

Multi-select in Sets

We’ve brought multi-object selection to Sets! You can now perform bulk actions such as Duplicate, Add to Favorites, or Move to Bin. Previously, it was challenging to work with several objects within a Set; now, you can manage them all with a single click.

It also works with the keyboard. Selecting with Shift and then pressing Delete will put move them all to the Bin.

Ludicrous-mode for Relations

Organizing, filtering, and focusing on certain objects just became faster with our new Relations menu.

By clicking the column name in Grid View, you can now directly sort and filter your objects according to the chosen relation. Moreover, with the new menu you can create and insert relations anywhere within a Set, allowing for greater flexibility.

We hope these improvements unlock many new and novel use-cases for Anytype, and help our power-users all the more powerful. :superhero:

Other notable improvements

  • Anytype’s dark and light mode can now sync with your OS. Check it out by navigating to Settings → Appearance → System.
  • New link appearance. Links have been re-designed with more balance between text content and images.
  • Sort your Sets by A – Z in the sidebar. Thanks, hysci
  • We’ve added an onboarding video for first-time users, check it out in our docs.
  • Library now works in modal view. You can write a poem and change the template simultaneously.
  • Blocks will now be highlighted after drag’n’drop, allowing you to keep better track of content that’s been moved.
  • Content dropped into an empty block now replaces it, instead of being nested within it.
  • We restructured our keyboard shortcuts pane for clarity.


  • App failed to add new options to status relation. Thanks, Ragnen and Cernel1337
  • Applying background colour to existing text resulted in duplicated letters. Thank you, dddmggg
  • Selected blocks had blurred text and icons
  • After merging block with mention above, caret drops.
  • Choosing a random emoji closed the menu instantly
  • Long relation names broke the layout

Deleting relations when :pensive:


Has a change been made to “link”?


or to /bookmark?


The onboarding video is nice!

I do think the “Everything is an Object” statement is confusing and/or misleading though.

It’s not incorrect, since you mean it in the sense that “everything you add to anytype is an object”.

However the way many people (me included) interpret it is in the sense that “everything within Anytype is an Object”. This has a very powerful implication - that there is no difference between a Page, a Relation, a Set or even a Paragraph or Term, as they are all “Objects”. But this is not the case with Anytype.

I’ve made a few posts/comments in the forum related to this (see one below), as I’d really want Anytype to go more into that direction (something more akin to what RemNote does, for example). @sambouwer has been doing some posts on this as well.


A couple of questions about this update;

  1. As sambrouwer ask, what change is made to links (or bookmarks) or is it the card view?

  2. Has align (left/center/right) been removed from the card view? I have some cards with center aligned text and others left aligned text. Can’t change it and I swear it was an option that is no longer here.

    (if this is a bug I will open a topic for this)

  3. “Sort your Sets by A – Z in the sidebar” reads as if we can choose how to sort sets in the sidebar or not. Can’t find any option and it seems to be somewhat sorted by default from A-Z, with the exception of “Untitled” sets that ignore A-Z sorting and are at the bottom below Z!
    (if this is a bug I will open a topic for this)

  4. What is modal view?

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See existing FR. I don’t think this is a bug but a partially implemented FR

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The new multi select feature for sets is extremely pleasant to use and was definitely a good addition!

But i wunder is there a possibility to use something similar to the way cards (especially for page) looked in the old version, because I much prefer the old rendering that the cards and covers had in the previous version (for my personnal use)

I understand why the change was made, but I would have liked an option, additional for the cards, to be able to use the old rendering that was much more “eye candy” looking in my personal opinion

Like here for exemple i don’t have any screen of the last update, but i’m pretty sure you could “see” how things would sometimes render “way better” with the “old link appearance” at least in my personal opinion

Thanks for your work


Thank You for these updates AnyType Team! Great Job! - I love the Push for Progress!