Anytype Desktop 0.23.5


  • Cache DNS requests on the application level. We decided to implement caching on our side because not all OS (like Linux Ubuntu for example) provide for such a thing. Thanks, _flo, kEbZeCK
  • - - > conversion to arrow → now works in description and title. Thanks, kEbZeCK
  • Double dash – now converts to a long dash
  • Relation number is now separated with spaces by SI/ISO 31-0 standard


  • Images got broken and stopped showing in some cases. Thanks, mkoechli, Tanzeel098, JGsource, GooRusa, lynxlove, edwards, sebro, tempapy
  • All orphaned objects were rendered too close to an opened object in Graph. Now they are next to the left
  • Backspace deleted all letters in spelling Chinese characters. Thanks, simon shi
  • After creating a non-text type block, pressing Enter didn’t create a new empty block below
  • LaTeX command autofill inserted the wrong command. Thanks, Skyler
  • The autocomplete box sometimes appeared behind the popup box of the note. Thanks, utau0324
  • Windows. After closing Anytype, it could not be opened again. Thanks, sebro
  • The cell height could change and the document could “jump” after opening new PDF pages in embed mode
  • When embedded, a PDF file could cause significant lag in Anytype’s UI and incorrectly render. Thanks, edwards
  • After setting the date, you needed to re-enter the cell and see the updated value
  • Ctrl+A in the search bar resulted in selecting all in the background. Thanks, kEbZeCK