Anytype Desktop 0.21.5


  • Using [SHIFT] to select a range of items in the bin. Thanks, sahilstudio
  • Refactoring the transition area into a submenu. Menu with submenus should become more responsive.


  • A newly created template and relations belonging to a type could no longer be opened and edited. Thanks, Sharky
  • Object’s page might didn’t update in real-time after using the graph view. Thanks, WhereisJ9
  • Dark mode — Discoloured three dots menu background for relation values. Thanks, sahilstudio
  • Shift + Enter to create a line break doesn’t work. Thanks, Tim-Luca
  • Clear Search on Graph View on Sidepanel Close. Thanks, lynxlove
  • Sometimes PDF may not be rendered in the preview
  • App crashes when sync status is clicked in pages showing the status as Preparing. Thanks, lynxlove
  • Deleted objects are no longer shown in navigation. Thanks, michaellw
  • Writing an exponential number to a cell does not work
  • The time in Date is always transformed to 12.00
  • When you click on a cell with a date and the selected date format is mm / dd.yyyy, when you click on a cell, it switches to
  • In the position close to the bottom of the screen, the preview links may not be shown
  • When you close a cell of the URL type by clicking under the cell in Set, the drop-down menu does not close
  • The relation list in the Set jumps up when clicking on the switcher.
  • In the types menu for the empty object, there was no returning to the top of the list after clicking down on the last element
  • The carriage shows at the beginning of a line in a Date relation with a non-empty value
  • Text set into relation with format Number gets set as zero.