Anytype Desktop 0.18.68


  • Sets can have custom icon & cover and might have their own relations as other objects.
  • Anytype starts updating mentions after an object’s name change from this release. We will introduce this enhancement for Android in the next release.
  • Inbox now stores a list of draft objects, sorted by editing date.
  • Support for plain text in a code snippet. Thanks, @maxitg.
  • Add link creation via Markdown Syntax. Just write this anywhere in text block with format text. Thanks, @alsmnn.
  • We’ve added fast community feature request / bug report link instead of Typeform & link to knowledge base.

Bugs we’ve fixed

  • Page restored from archive tab is still visible in archive tab. Thanks, Tanzeel098, lynxlove, gis, Aljosha Leusmann.
  • Delay to start a new block after hitting “enter”. Thanks, @HLucas.
  • Sometimes updates of names on home stop arriving after opening and changing on the second device.
  • Instable download crashes application. Thanks, @wemiprog.
  • Greek letter “ώ” displays incorrectly. Thanks, @CrossDrain.
  • Pasting text with / and @ at the end launched menus.
  • The embedded text disappears from the toggle if you press enter in the open toggle.
  • The arrow down key stops working from 21st toggle in a row. Thanks, SHIZOXLIFE.
  • Menu with all tag / status options closes when chose and select one.
  • Changed option of the tag / status relation become updated in other places with a delay.
  • When you delete a relation from Set you might still have empty column in other views.
  • Adding date from next month drops the value to December of 2020. Thanks, @Corsecharter.
  • The year in the date was changed incorrectly if there was already a value been set.
  • Unexpected behavior may happen when clicking at the right side of object’s name in Set. Thanks, @nizos.
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