Anytype Desktop 0.18.51

You can expect longer sign in up to several minutes. It is related to data structure optimisations that app needs to migrate on.

New features & enhancements

Mouse button forward / backward now works for navigation. Thanks, @Oshyan.

Design & UX

  • You can now restore from Archive tab via three dots menu
  • 2 new abstract covers related to the upcoming major relase

Fixes & tech

  • Item movement by Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down would delete its content when not “saved”. Thanks, @Sven
  • Hyperlink pop up window persisted across pages. Thanks, @jmsinnz.
  • New Checkbox was created pre-checked if the one above was checked. Thanks, @bskinner.
  • When you dragged pictures into a toggle, it resized to the width of the toggle. Thanks, @Inkqb.
  • When first setting up Anytype using a keychain phrase to log in, pressing Enter didn’t submit the input. Thanks, @gil.
  • Numeration could start from 1 in different circumstances. Thanks, @XxxBalCion.
  • “Type text or / for commands” was visible on desktop overlapping the newly added text from Android. Thanks, @abiak.
  • Background color wasn’t exporting when printing. Thanks, @firmicutes.
  • Pressing Backspace after using inline markdown at the beginning of the block now reverts block style to text. Thanks, @wemiprog.
  • Inline markdown work optimisations. Computation speed was low for big blocks and carriage jumped futher after using a markdown symbol.
  • After writing «turn into object» after / there was no such option
  • Dashboard’s search value remained in filter after closing the search box. Thanks, @ichimga.
  • Clicking inside the dashboard’s search box closed the search box. Thanks, @ichimga.
  • Import from Notion crash «failed to unescape destination». Thanks, Jin Kolesnikov
  • Cancel when choosing a cover saved it. Thanks, @irdinamaztura.
  • Replacing an inline code block injects the rendered HTML into your page text. Thanks, @triangles.