Anytype Desktop 0.18.28

The big style train keeps on rolling! This latest version features our redesigned dashboard with tabs and inline object filtering.

It also includes features for better keyboard sund fixes for issues relating to sync and page editing. Thanks to our alpha testers for all your bug reports & feature requests. We hope you enjoy this latest build of Anytype and we look forward to your feedback on the new dashboard.

New features & enhancements :rocket:

We’ve polished keyboard editing experience to make it smooth around the edges.

    • Support for Inline code and formatting when typing with keyboard. Also we’ve add, ** or __ - bold, * or _ - italic ~~ - strike. Thanks Michael!
    • You can use shortcuts to create arrows β€˜->’ = β€˜β†’β€™, β€˜<-’ = β€˜β†β€™, β€˜β€“>’ = β€˜βŸΆβ€™, β€˜<–’ = β€˜βŸ΅β€™, β€˜<–>’ = β€˜βŸ·β€™
    • Sometimes you could end up without a cursor on the page, e.g. after removing a block, and break the keyboard flow. Now you can just press Enter or press up and arrow keys.
    • You can now manage toggle with the keyboard. Pressing β†’ at the end of the block will open it. When pressing β€œTab” to create a sub-block of a toggle, the toggle block will now expand to show the new block. Same will happen after dropping content into a closed toggle. Thanks Rai, Kite !

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:


Yay, in-line formatting! Very glad to see this.

As someone noted in Telegram, there is now both a β€œBin” and β€œArchive”, and I noticed there is a β€œdelete” option in the page menu now (only accessible after using Archive). This appears to send things to the β€œbin”, although not consistently. But it’s good to see progress on this as it was mentioned previously to be coming in the β€œnext” release, I believe.

Anyway, lots of little bugs I could note, and will do so as time allows. But glad to see such quick evolution lately. :slightly_smiling_face: