Anytype Desktop 0.17.8 and Android 0.1.7

This release is all about reliability and sync speed.

Readers beware, these are some hardcore technical release notes:

  • Multi-stream simultaneous connections should be fixed, as a result of our updating to the latest libp2p libraries.
  • We’ve updated the request rate for adaptive changes. They are now based on persistent sync statuses, and this has reduced the polling rate of inactive devices. This helps us keep any further complexities that may arise from polling at bay.
  • Anytype is now efficient at checking an object’s information is in sync between any two nodes, by using heads/address edges. This feature also helps reduce communication overhead between synced and inactive peers.

Address edge computation implemented. This includes a deterministic digest of all peer addresses involved in the object’s creation and changes.

  • Object diagnostics are now in the system menu in the Desktop. This tool will help us diagnose sync issues. It generates a file, which you can share with the team using the feedback tool.
  • Many minor fixes and improvements. Thank you so much for the data on Telegram and the [Desktop app is not syncing ](Desktop app is not syncing) thread.

I’m sure it feels like we’ve been saying this forever, but we really are very close to our databases update. It will feature a refreshed design, rapid semantic search, move-to, linking optimisations, and much more.


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Great stuff :smiley:

Boy am I looking forward to databases etc. That is going to be amazing.


How can I download the new desktop version? Do I have to receive an email?

@javiavid See the image.