Anytype Desktop 0.16 released

Thank you to our incredible alpha testers for helping us build Anytype. In this latest build, we’ve introduced a short — 1 minute — survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps make our product better.

:ant: Bug Fixes

  • Windows: Alt + F4 will now correctly close the application
  • Speedy typists noticed the sheer speed of their speedy keys could cause the @mention menu to break, sometimes leading to data loss. This has now been fixed. Feel free to take that typing past 88… wpm.
  • Dashboard has now been removed from search.
  • Irregularities and inconsistencies with both selecting and deselecting text inside blocks have been found and fixed.
  • Linux: A bug where pressing CTRL + S to access search caused the menu to flicker has been fixed.
  • Unruly carriages no longer return to the start of the block when using @mentions.
  • Emoji used for pages are now rendering correctly after being synced across devices.
  • We have removed a bug which allowed users to create a PIN shorter than 6 characters.
  • A bug which allowed users to access the search menu from the PIN entry screen has been squashed.
  • When using CMD/CTRL + L for links, the dialog will now open in the centre of the screen.

:soap: Enhancements

  • Anytype has a new home in your menu bar (macOS) and task menu (Windows)
  • We have added Open/Cancel buttons below Home in the navigation screen.
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Typing /todo will now create a to-do list!
  • Windows: Close, Restore and Minimise buttons are now more responsive.
  • Our search tool now follows the same rules as our @mention tool.
  • Search results can now be selected using the keyboard’s up/down arrows and the tab key.
  • Entire blocks, when selected, can now be removed using the delete key.
  • :vertical_traffic_light: Our updater has been… sigh updated. Downloads will take place in the background, and users will now have the option to update later.