Anytype Desktop 0.14 released

:mega: What’s new?

This release brings several improvements to cross-device syncing and reduces the amount of disk space needed.

:bell: What’s changed?

  • This version comes with a new data format for your pages. It is a huge step toward collaboration. Right now, however, it makes your page history use much less space.
  • A bug which allowed users to bypass the PIN screen through the Help button has been fixed.
  • Pressing the backspace key will no longer result in the creation of a new, empty text box.
  • When using markup — bold, italics, etc — made with multiple blocks selected toggled, it can now be reversed by using the same toggle.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that changed the markup of text after a mention is inserted.
  • Bug reporting and logs would include the data path in the URL shared with the team for feedback. We’ve removed this from our tool, AppSentry, to reduce the chance that any personal information would be shared back with the team during the alpha program.
  • It’s worth adding a small note here to say that we’re only using analytics during the alpha program. Analytics will not be featured in the main Anytype release.
  • One user noticed an issue with the feedback submission process, which we have now fixed. Thank you to our incredible community, the feedback you provide makes a huge difference to our development.
  • Updating to the latest version of the Anytype alpha will be easier, as we have fixed a bug causing the old app not to close during the update process.
  • Shortcuts can now be found in the Help screen
  • Drag-and-drop with nested blocks has been improved. Users should no longer encounter disappearing blocks.
  • Finally, for any users wondering why the carriage was disappearing in an empty block, it has been found and safely returned!

:person_climbing: Upgrading

Nothing specific, simply click Help > Check for updates.

:pray: Acknowledgements

Anytype releases wouldn’t be possible without a multitude of people, and our thanks go out to all of our brilliant alpha users and bug reporters.