AnyType Cryptocurrency

I am sure, I am not the only one who has thought about this question.
What would it be like if, AnyType had its own coin/Cryptocurrency?

I know this is not the focus of AnyType and nor would I want it to be for now, but just food for thought.

I’m not sure but I believe there are plans in that direction to have a currency for investments people make in the Anytype ecosystem (like making integrations with external systems, building templates, etc).

We’re not in the game of launching a cryptocurrency for investment purposes. We have some pretty cool ideas on how different types of currencies can be super useful, and we will share them as soon as we ready! Who knows, maybe someone will even build something amazing based on what we come up with


This is very interesting topic. Might I add a suggestion of using a cloud based platform like filecoin and once they have the smart contract up and running allow the community users to sell their themes or add ons to the AnyType platform?! This will allow more promotion to the platform and allow free trade and more use case.