Anytype crashes after load screen

What’s The Bug?

In a Android 11 GO Arm32 app version in a Nokia C21. I just installed the app and everything goes as normal until I close the app and only the load screen will show up
I’m using Nova Launcher, in previous versions of Anytype didn’t affect the performance of the app

How To Reproduce It

  1. Install the 32 Arm Android app
    2.Login and load everything as usual
    3.Close the app or go to another one
    4.The app won’t load

Image or Video

The Expected Behavior

Be a normal Android Anytype user

Additional Context

Does factors like low RAM device (2GB RAM) affects Anytype?
Did the recent update affected low-end devices?


Nokia C21 (2022 2GB RAM)


Android 11 GO

Anytype Version


Technical Information

I’m unable to access them because the crash.

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