Anytype crashes after fresh install

Describe the bug

Installing a fresh version of anytype > 0.2.7 results in crashes right after starting the app

To Reproduce

    1. Clear anytype data on device
    1. Deinstall the app
    1. Reinstall anytype version > 0.2.7
    1. Start the app
    1. See the crash

Expected behavior

A clear and fresh install of anytype should result in a stable setup.

System Information:

  • OS: Android 9
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Sony Z1 Compact
  • Anytype Version: v0.3.1-alpha (0.15.43)

Additional context

Installing 0.2.4 first and then “upgrading” eliminates the problem, but there shouldn’t be any version installed prior a fresh installation.

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@alsmnn I can confirm this happened to me as well. Every version from 0.2.7 and beyond crashes upon fresh install and the earliest version which installs correctly is 0.2.6. Upgrading from that version to other versions works fine.

Now version 0.5.0 seems like a safe harbour, but i still have synchronisation problems, after fresh update

@alsmnn and @danijelcamdzic are you still experiencing crashes after a fresh install with Anytype for Android 0.6.1 0.7.0?

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